“Do You Want the Best Care for Your Elderly Parents… without Breaking the Bank?”

July 25, 2008

“Do You Want the Best Care for Your Elderly Parents… without Breaking the Bank?”


If you’re considering buying a home here with your parents in mind; either a larger home or a property with a casita (small home) on the premises is a good idea so everyone has their privacy.


If you are interested in professional care for an elderly parent or relative to ensure that they have companionship and their needs are met, eating properly, taking their medications, etc. please read on.


This kind of care is very expensive in Canada and the US, but remarkably economical here at Lake Chapala Ajijic


The year-round temperate climate encourages us all to spend more time outdoors and to exercise which promotes good health and a longer life.


There are affordable cooks, maids and semi-skilled care takers to provide assistance to you and the elderly members of your household.


When the time comes there are excellent nursing homes, assisted living facilities and medical facilities at a fraction of the cost in the USA or Canada.


In Mexico the ‘extended’ family is the norm, where grandparents are revered and respected. Meanwhile, an elderly parent can enjoy their own space, garden and friends with relatives near by. 


Some options and services to consider:



3 full-service assisted living & nursing home care for Lakeside’s older population situated at:

Calle del Lago # 23

La Cancinta (west of Ajijic)

Telephone:  376-766-0721


Paseo del Lago #7

La Floresta

Telephone:  376-766-3052


Paseo del Lago #57

La Floresta

Telephone:  376-766-3087


Alicia Sandoval has nursing experience of over 34 years and she runs the 3 facilities with her family and staff.  The facilities are for permanent residents as well as care for weekends and day care (9 AM to 5 PM) and includes breakfast and the main meal serviced in the afternoon. Alzheimer’s disease patients are accepted.  Each patient has his or her own doctor who is available for emergencies.  Monthly costs include room & board, nursing care, bathing, satellite TV and local telephone calls. 


Also care is available for recuperation following surgery. 


Please call Alicia to obtain monthly rates depending on the required level of care.



Mi Casita

Javier Mina # 7


Telephone:  376-766-0050


This assisted living facility can accommodate 12 residents and is situated centrally in Ajijic within walking distance of the Lake Chapala Society, galleries, shops and restaurants.   This used to be a B&B and if a room is not used by a long-term resident, it can be rented out and the daily rate includes a full breakfast.  Each room has a telephone and cable TV. 


Full-time care is available along with post-operative care, a day spa for older folks requiring help with bathing, hair care and even manicure & pedicure service.  Mi Casita staff also prepares and delivers evening meals (Meals on Wheels) from Chula Vista to La Huerta at the West end of Ajijic.


There is a doctor available for emergencies..


Please contact the facility regarding monthly rates depending on the level of care required.


La Casa Nostra

Santa Monica # 22

Riberas del Pilar

Telephone:  376-765-4187 and 765-5142


This facility is owed by Beverly Ward and provides 24-hour care and weekly doctor visits.  Please call them  about their services and rates.


Feedback from clients who have used these services for their elderly parents have had nothing but praise for the cleanliness & cheerfulness of the facilities, with children and pets about, the variety of meals served, the appreciation for the care and individual attention their parents received and most of all, the respect they richly deserve.

  • Walker West

    I am interested in nursing homes for Alzheimer’s patients. I like to know detailed procedures to make any arrangement for American citizen who would like to move down there for the service. What will happen to their social security and medical benefit? Is there any handbook or booklet to be fully informed about such benefits. My companion who needs care lived in Mexico in the past, so fluent in Spanish.

    It will be greatly appreciated if you guide to me this nursing home benefit. He doesn’t have any long term care insurance, and the cost of care in NY area is $6,000 to $10,000.

    thank you

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Walker, Thanks for your interest in Nursing Homes in our area.

    Here’s a link to an article right here on ChapalaClub


    You can find a lot of great information in the “Archives Section: of our site on a wide variety of topics. I admit the software doesn’t do the best job of finding articles via our internal search tool.

    Here’s two assisted living places you nay want to contact:

    Alicia’s Nursing 011 52 376 766 0721 in La Canacinta

    La Casa Nostra 011 52 376 765 4187 in Riberas del Pilar

    Thanks again for your comments, Sid

  • Gmalin

    I am interested in places that can accomodate a non violent 56 schitzophrenic woman.greg gmalin@gardnermalin.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/SidGrosvenor Sid Grosvenor

     Hi Gmalin,

    I an;t be sure but would think that any of our retirement homes here would be
    a good bet.

    My suggestion would be to contact the homes in our area directly to inquire.

    Remember however that Mexican people here (including Mexican owned and operated businesses) are much more responsive in person than by e mail or even telephone calls.

    You can see all the articles we’ve published over the years here on http://www.ChapalaClub.com by putting ” ChapalaClub.com  and the words’ Nursing homes, elder care’ in a Google search box and it will deliver a list of our articles on these facilities whihc should have some form of contact info.

    Alternatively you can go to the top bar of our website fourth from the left tab marked “ALL CLUB POSTS” and click this tab and then review the long list of article headlines to find ones of interest. Then, just click the link to read the article.

    Perhaps others who read your post will have other information.

    We wish you well. Let us all know here what you find out.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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