“Are You a Bit Bored or Lonely? Here’s the Answer!”

July 20, 2008

Do you live in a nice house in a nice area in the USA or Canada?


Do you know your neighbors? Or perhaps, while of course your family loves you and you them, they so busy with their own lives that you feel left out ?


I have the solution… or at least it’s been the solution for many people who have answered yes to one or more of the above questions.


But, before I give you the solution, let me ask you a question or two. We live in an instant, I want it now world, right?


What if I could tell you about a place where most things happen at a relaxed slower pace, but where one very important thing happens almost instantly?


The place (you’ve probably already guessed) is the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area of the Mexican State of Jalisco.


Since you’ve found this website and hopefully have explored it you already know about the low prices, the great weather, the availability of excellent low cost health care and affordable homes.


You may also be aware that due to the rhythm of life in small towns here we enjoy a laid back relaxed lifestyle much as small town life used to be up North.


But, did you know that when people move to our enchanting area that you get a bonus, especially if you would like to have an almost instant circle of new loyal friends.


With possibly the largest English language expatriate community in the world at your doorstep; and so many English speaking clubs, service organizations and social groups in the area it’s almost impossible not to have an almost instant circle of new friends who share your values.


And, don’t think they will be just fair weather friends either. No, they will be there to help you with all nature of emergencies, problems or other threats to your happiness.


Now, with so many expatriates living in our area, don’t get the idea that you will be living in a “gringo ghetto” either, because even if you prefer to live in an upscale gated community you will not be isolated from with the Mexican community.


Our area has been an expatriate escape for well over 50 years and so the expatriate community and Mexican community have a long record of interaction and sense of shared community.


Speaking of communities, I love “small town” and I also admit that I like “big city” environments too. Well, this is the perfect place for me  because I get to live in a place I love, Lake Chapala and it’s small town atmosphere, and when I feel the need for “big city”, I can easily visit Guadalajara (under an hour North of Lake Chapala for less than a $3 USD  bus ride away).


So, if a fear of not fitting in, of not finding new friends, of feeling lost in a new place, or not knowing just what you would do here, is of any concern to you at all (this is natural of course) then please put those fears behind you.


Oh, and remember, if you have family in the USA or Canada who you rarely get to see; you may be surprised that now they can find the time to come for a visit. And, you will just have to work them into your social calendar.


So, come on down for a vacation / check us out trip. You can do it. I can help.


 E Mail me at Sid@ChapalaClub.com

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