“Are You a Boomer? This is a Must Read!”

July 30, 2008

“Are You a Boomer? This is a Must Read !”


If you’re a “Boomer” you know that your generation has had a profound effect on markets throughout your life.


Some of tis has been to your advantage and some not.  Since your reading this article on a website dedicated to Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico you are more than likely interested in our beautiful and affordable area.


I use the word affordable in a relative sense. At the moment our area (July 2008) is experiencing a lull in our real estate market.


Here’s my advice. If there’s any way for you to do it.


“Beat the Boomer Rush!”


Your generation has significantly influenced just about every market they’ve come into, and it’s going to influence the retirement expatriate community in Mexico’s region of Lake Chapala in the coming years…


You guys  are 77 million baby boomers strong and as you move into our market  I predict that prices here will soar as they so often have in the past (until the lump in demand caused by your generation passes), and that will take some time.


Don’t let this almost certain fact allow you to shrug your shoulders and say, “Well this is the way it always happens. By the time I need (fill in the blank) it costs a lot more.”


I’m naturally optimistic and you can be an optimist too. So, remember there is a bright side. If you can get yourself just a little ahead of the other boomers, then you’ll be in an excellent position to be winner in your retirement years.


Retirement: I don’t even like the word in that it sounds like you’re over the hill, out to pasture, or “Waiting on God” or at best sounds like you’re ready to enjoy your “golden years” at a nice place where you can take it easy.


Well, if that’s your idea it’s OK with me, but in my own retirement I’m  singing a different tune.


I want to … and I am aging gracefully and having the time of my life in an active vibrant expatriate community of like-minded people from all over the world.


The low prices here give me more financial security so that my pension buys more and the Mexican Social Security National Health Plan provides excellent very low health care costs.


David Foot,  a University of Toronto professor of Economics who studies demographic trends is the co-author of the bestselling books Boom Bust & Echo 2000: Profiting from the Demographic Shift in the New Millennium and Boom Bust & Echo: How to Profit from the Coming Demographic Shift (with Daniel Stoffman, Stoddart 2000, Macfarlane, Walter & Ross, 1998, 1996) agrees that financial security and health care are the two most important concerns of boomers as they retire.


The 2005 White House Conference on Aging – Dec 2005 “… within the next 2 or 3 decades, with advances in medical and related sciences, human lifespan will increase to an unprecedented length. Not only will it be relatively normal for people to live to be 100, but also they may live to reach the “natural cap” of about 120 years and up! Generally, boomers will have better health as they age and the aging process may be notably slowed.”


Lynn and Jim are planning on a long happy healthy retirement here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Why not make plans to come join them and  the thousands of others making the same plans !

Jim, Lyn, Arce y Sid 002

So, you likely will have 20, 30 or more healthy years ahead of you and let’s hope a lot more.


The key is planning for ways to stretch your retirement dollars; so you don’t run out of money before you run out of life.


This is where I can help, I want to introduce you to my wonderful lifestyle here at Lake Chapala, Mexico. I don’t care where you live  now; I can almost guarantee that you can live better for less here.


The exchange rate from dollars to pesos varies of course, but has been quite stable for the last fifteen years or more and is very favorable.


Property taxes are by USA and Canadaian standards almost laughably low. People who live here like to brag to their friends in the North about their low property taxes.


Maids and gardeners work for around $2.5 U.S. an hour. There are no heating or air conditioning costs as our weather is so wonderful.


All of this being said however, I must admit however, real estate prices, although still reasonable, are not cheap.  The reason is simple.


You see that the cost of living in Mexico is in pesos. But the style of homes, size needed per person, in areas most desirable to the bulk of  most North Americans with the features we all want  are almost always  priced in U.S. Dollars.


Americans living in Mexico can buy their home using their IRA. And, Canadians who plan to spend at least 183 days out of the Country each calendar year (as Snowbirds), can enter the Canadian non-residency tax system.


This potentially can be an enormous tax advantage under the Canadian/Mexico Tax Treaty which can reduce Canadian taxes on pensions and most investment income down to 15% and reduce all future capital gains taxes to 0%. ( consult your tax account of course to verify your situation).


It might even be possible over time to save more than enough to pay for dream home here. How’s that for having your cake and eating it too?


There are other articles on health care on this website but let me just repeat here health care in Mexico is excellent by international standards and extremely affordable.

 Many of our local doctors are U.S.- or Canada-trained and speak English.


Prescription drugs when needed are available and on average are 40% cheaper than in the U.S. or Canada.


So if you like me plan to ‘Live Younger Longer’ I can think of no place on the planet better suited than right here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico.  


Mexico is a vibrant country, full of color and music and young people and the expatriate community at Lake Chapala estimated at 20,000 or so fit right in as we too are a vibrant full of color (lots of expatriate painters) and music ( Music Appreciation Society, and local Gringo bands playing at the area night spots) young for our age community.


Our community takes being active serious. Our Expatriate Lake Chapala commnity is alive with activity. A lot of people here when referring to age say they are “ ____ years young.”


With about 80 plus or minus English-speaking organizations to join or belong to both with physical activities like golf or tennis year round, fitness clubs, yoga, tai chi, and more cerebral activities like the Computer Club, Writer’s Group, amateur Ham Radio Club, and Digitial Camera club as well as English-service churches of most denominations, art classes, line dancing and a plethora (that’s a bunch) of great restaurants with nightly entertainment, and a lot more I’ve no doubt forgotten…there is something here for almost everyone.


If I left out your passion I suspect there are others here or are coming here who will share it. Here’s what YOU do.

You place a an ad on the Lake Chapala Society bulletin board to see who might be interested in helping you pursue your passion and soon you will have a group of like minded new friends.


We also host from time to time the top musical organizations of the world programs including works by Mozart, Stravinsky, Villa-Lobos, Debussy and other well-known composers.



OK, Now here’s my challenge to you. I always have responded to challenges and I sincerely hope you do as well.


Take control of your retirement—whether it be immediate, or in the next  few years. If you wait much longer you’ll find yourself in the middle of the herd of your fellow baby boomers. Is that where you want to be? I didn’t think so.


So, don’t delay take the second step (You already took the first step by finding this article) and send me an e mail Sid@ChapalaClub.com


You can do it. I can help.

Email for more information:

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