Banking at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico

July 13, 2008

Banking in Mexico

( As an expatriate)


Do you want to keep your money in a safe location where it is insured up to $100,000 per account, but be able to access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week from over 700 banks all over Mexico ?

Do you want to receive interest on your deposit at the same time ?

Do you want free checks and mailers ?


Do you want to be able to instantly change US Dollars to Mexican Pesos at the bank rate of exchange without paying a commission on amounts up to $10,000 per day?

How about paying bills and checking your account “on line”?

And, would you like to have direct deposit, automatic drafts to pay bills you can’t pay on line or don’t want to pay on line?


If any of these features interest you, I have just the plan !


All of these features and more are available to you at the

BanaMex USA (formerly California Commerce Bank)

Citibank Group

P.O. Box 30886

Los Angeles, California 90030 – 0886

Tel. # in the USA Toll Free 1 – 800 – 222 -1234

Tel # in Mexico Toll Free 01 – 800 111 – 1234


Just give them a call or drop them a line and ask about the Amstad (Friendship Account) for Seniors. The rules may have changed but I think you must be 62 years old to get this account which is “FREE” of service charges.


Now once you have your account set up and your debit card issued to you which you can use at any of over 700 BanaMex banks anywhere in Mexico and get $200 or so US dollar’s worth of pesos from the automatic teller or you can write a check for up to $200 on your account and they will cash it (with proper ID) over the counter after a bank officer initials it.


The next step if you want to get all the services is to also open a Peso account at a BanaMex Bank in Mexico. To do this you will need to have some type of permanent resident status in Mexico (FM3 or FM2 or the like).

Then you can transfer money on line (up to $10,000 per day) from your BanaMex USA account to your account at BanaMex in Mexico


When you open your BanaMex Account they will issue you a Visa debit card you can use for purchases or to get pesos from the automatic tellers at any BanaMex Bank and other strategically placed automatic tellers all over Mexico (up to 5000 pesos per day).

You can also go to the teller’s window and they will give you even more than 5000 pesos over the counter. I don’t know just what the limit is, but I once got 13,000 pesos over the counter in a small rural BanaMex to cover an emergency car repair.

OTHER BANKS at Lake Chapala


BanaMex tel from the USA


011 52 376 – 765 3918


011 52 376 – 765 – 2271


011 52 376- 765 – 2272


Av. Madero 222 Chapala, Jalisco 45900


Banco Bital 011 52 – 765 – 4110


011 52 376 765- 4112


Av. Madero 210 Chapala, Jalisco 45900


BBVA Bancomer


011 52 – 376 -766 0546


011 52 – 376 – 766 – 2300


011 52 0- 376 – 766 0418


Parroquia # 2 Ajijic, Jalisco


USA Corporate HQ. Toll free number 1 – 800 335 9604


Santander Serfin 765 2310 y 765 2054 y 3310 Hidalgo 210




011 52 376 765 – 4110 Madero 208 Chapala


USA Headquarters (Mettawa, IL) USA 1 – 224 544 2000


Notice: This information is believed to be accurate, but of course is subject to the current rules and services available at BanaMex and it’s sister bank California Commerce Bank in Los Angles.

By the way BanaMex USA employees are bilingual in both Spanish and English and your statements will be in both languages. On line you can choose either Spanish or English as your language.

Email for more information:

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