Four Great B and B’s

July 13, 2008

Four Great Bed and Breakfast Places


There are a number of excellent Bed and Breakfast Inns in the Lake Chapala area. The below listed locations have repeatedly earned high marks from my clients who have stayed there.


I find the InnKeepers to be very attentive, the breakfasts excellent, the ambiance very nice, and the prices competitive.


In Chapala

Lake Chapala Inn –

This Inn is on the Malecon in downtown Chapala with a swimming pool, lovely rooms, and your host and owner is named Alicia. Alicia is short of stature but stands tall in hospitality. You can walk all over downtown Chapala from this old world charm Inn.

(An added benefit is this Inn is just a block from my office)



La Paloma B and B


This Bed and Breakfast Hotel has 7 very nice room

s each with private bath, a large pool, several lounges, high speed wireless internet (bring your own lap top with wireless card), and a guest kitchen for making your own snacks or meals.


The guests rave about the delicious breakfasts, the friendly atmosphere, and the convenience of being able to walk all over the village of Ajijic. Walk to shops, a 3 screen movie in English, Pharmacy, small supermarket, and nice restaurants.


Casa Blanca Bed and Breakfast Hotel

Nice rooms in the heart of Ajijic village directly across the street from the popular Lake Chapala Society –


Breakfast here is continental with Mexican sweet rolls and coffee.


There’s an on site Cyber Café which is free to guests so no need to bring your laptop if you stay here and want to stay connected.


Most of the rooms have hotplates, and a small refrigerator for making light meals and snacks. The area abounds in small shops, art galleries, and small restaurants.


Owned and Operated by an Armenian gentlemen and his family named Joseph who prides himself on excellent service to his guests who come back again and again.


Estrellitas’s Bed & Breakfast

(The Little Stars)


Pretty Rooms with Lots of Mexican Charm. Owned and Operated by Lorraine Pasini.

Located in the heart of Ajijic Village next to the Lake Chapala Society within walking distance of shops, restaurants etc.


Mexican Tel. # (376) 766 0917

For current rates, room availability, and other questions please contact the individual B and B’s directly.

  • LInda Klein

    Bert and I would like to say Thanks! for your indepth answers to our questions regarding internet, telephones, etc. You gave us much more than we expected, and it was very helpful. We are looking forward to our odessey Lakeside….not sure where we’ll end up, but for sure it will have to have good internet connections so we can be up and running pronto, since our business depends on it. We thought we’d stay in a B&B for a week or so while looking for a rental home. I might mention that we will be without our car for this first “leg” of our adventure, so will have to depend on buses, cabs, or real estate folks to take us “looking”. We are hoping rent cars on the weekends for going further afield. Do you know what we should expect to pay? Also for temp. insurance? We also would like to have easy access to the Chapala Club, which I believe is actually in Ajijic. We are counting on this group to teach us how to make this transition from the North! :) Any more advice? We plan on a March 1 arrival.
    Thanks again….you provide a wonderful service for folks who are new to all of this.
    Linda Klein

  • Sid

    Hi Linda and Bert, WOW, Thanks for the kind words. You made my day.

    Depending upon other commitments I proabably can help you with transportation in the area. If I can;t hel;p on a particular day we have excellent bus service and by US standards even the taxi’s are quite reasonable.

    I see taxis parked waiting on their clients at the supermarket sometimes.

    The home office of is in Chapala at Hidalgo 236 # 1 (the Carretera) just a few doors from the Coffee Tree Restaurant on the South side of the street 2 blocks from Madero.

    I think you may be confusing ChapalaClub (the online club of folks like yourself and people who live here) with the Lake Chapala Society which is a bricks and mortar operation in Ajijic at the intersection of 16th de Septiembre and Ramon Carona. LCS, the name most peoplerefer to them as is a great resource for newcomers, visitors, and full time North American Residents.

    I look forward to helping you when you arrive and taking you guys on an area tour which includes the Lake Chapala Society.

    An excellent car rental place is Lina Profesional in Ajijic across from the Lloyd’s Investment firm on the Carretera at the intersection of Donato Guerra (South Side cross street name) and J. Encarnacion Rosas (North side cross street).

    Owner Leticia (Leti)and Sons have competitive prices and give personal service (like meeting you there after hours etc.)

    Rented my first car from her about 15 years ago. They recently quoted a client of mine $50 USD per day including taxes and insurance.

    You asked about more advice.

    First check the above Archives link to be sure you haven;t missed any of the articles, videos, audios, news or information items that seem interesting (I try to make them all that way).

    Second, if you’d like a one on one tele-seminar send me a private e mail to with your time zone and and the best days and time (your time) for me to call you guys and I’ll confirm by e mail and then call you on my nickel and answer all your questions … sort of filling in the gaps.

    By the way this is an open offer to everyone reading this until and unless I get overloaded. When that happens or perhaps before I’ll begin to schedule a bridge call where we can have hundreds on the call at the same time, but we’re not there yet.

    SO get your one on one seminar requests in now, before my schedule is filled up.

    NOTE: I will not be available for Telephone Seminars January 6 – 11, 2009 as Arcelia and I will be in Mazatlan on the beach.

    All for now. Thanks again for the great comments. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Joseph Esqueda

    Are there any younger Americans(age 50) living in chapala? I work remotely as an IT Specialist DR Consultant. My wife, and I are considering moving to Chapala a few months during the winter. I would need a high speed line and telephone service for conferences. Also, I need some rental information. Since I can retire in a year I wanted to see if this is the place for us to call home. We have visited Maui,Cancun,Cabo,Cozmel, Playa del Car and PVR. We currently reside in Evergreen Colorado and like the PVR Jalisco climate and the area best for what I do, a few hours away from the US so we can visit our kids. Thank you, for any information you can provide.

  • Sid

    Hi Joseph, Thanks for your comments. The short answer is YES, there are younger people living here. In fact more everyday.

    Since you can now get high speed internet in almost all the areas that North Americans have chosen to live in here people like you have figured out that with this too available to them there’s no need to fight high taxes, bad weather, and high prices North of the border.

    I sold a home to a young couple not too long ago who decided to move here with their three grade school boys. He does travel back and forth some but he has a bricks and mortar business.

    More and more couples see the future coming and want their kids to grow up bi cultural and bi lingual.

    I sold another large home to an older, but not retired couple who have a consulting type business in which High Speed is critical.

    I recently saw the husband at a social gathering and he told me it was one of he best decisions they’ve ever made to move here.

    He was all smiles and much more relaxed than when we first meet, so I know he;s happy and leading a much less stressful life here… and this translates to a longer life too.

    Now, in all honesty the internet systems here may not be as dependable as in some places in the USA, but I guess that depends on a lot of variable, even in the USA.

    So, some people in business that MUST HAVE Super dependable always up time have two providers so that when one or the other is temporarily down they’re still OK.

    Guadalajara refers to itself as the silicon valley of Mexico and so is a hub for Hi Tech firms and is the second largest city in Mexico.

    Guadalajara is just 45 minutes from Chapala which in turn is just 20 minutes to the International airport with direct flights to many gateway US cities.

    Dallas is 2 to 2.5 hours via American direct flight to DFW depending upon if you’re going North or South (With the jet stream or not).

    Joseph, Thanks again for your questions.I look forward to helping any way I can. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Joseph

    Sid, Thank you for the information. Sorry for the late response to your e-mail.I been away on the road and very busy. What IP provider do you recommend for a high speed VPN and home phone services?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Joseph, There are three different providers for high speed internet service. They each have their advocates. Tel Mex covers most of the areas that North Americans want to live.

    In areas that Cyber cable serves you can get lower prices for High Speed but they have some down time which so far I’ve not expeirneced with my Tel Mex service.

    I use Tel Mex at home and Cyber Cable (TeleCable) at my office in downtown Chapala.

    To use Tel Mex in my office I would have to also have an expensive business line telephone which I do not need there, so I use Cyber Cable.

    Laguna provides a wireless service, but you’re limited to certain areas that they serve.

    There was another wireless provider, but they folded sue to I think poor service and a lot of down time.

    So, the best one is in the eye of the beholder and just where you plan to live.
    I hope this helps. All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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