How Should I Dress ? What Should I Bring With Me ?

July 26, 2008

How Should I Dress ? What Should I Bring With  Me ?


Here’s a good check list:


·    Bring sunscreen & a hat – at a mile high altitude, the UV rays are   strong. 


·    Ladies, Our area streets are mostly cobblestone so flimsy high

     heeled sandals are normally not recommended. So   sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

        Directions provided by your B&B or hotel … in Spanish for  your                  taxi driver or in English if you are driving. 


·    Shorts & T’s are acceptable during the day.  Mexicans are a more   formal people and it is appropriate to dress up more for an evening out or for special events like going to a performance of the famous Ballet Folklorico in colonial Guadalajara. 


·   A sweater (or shawl) is recommended during the cooler early mornings & evenings in November through February.


·   Mexican pesos – Mexico is a cash economy and credit cards are rarely accepted.  However, there are a number of ATM machines & it ‘s easy to get pesos with your ATM card. 


·   Bring your appetite!  The Lake Chapala area has the largest ex-pat community in the world with a bi product of a lot of fine restaurants. 


·   Note: The local restaurants here are careful to ensure that high standards of cleanliness are maintained.  The ice and water served is purified, lettuce and other vegetables & fruit disinfected.  Bottled water is sold everywhere. 


In the rare event of stomach problems, we have pharmacies that are open 24-7 & medicine that will provide quick relief (usually just one pill).  Should you forget a particular toiletry, you should have no problem finding it in one of our local pharmacies or shops. 


While there you can check out the prices of your prescriptions to see how much you can save.  Bring copies of your prescriptions and refer to the article on prescription drugs under “Living”.

  • Judy Hunt

    I noticed a lot of questions in today’s Chapala Chat regarding the buying of gold, silver, diamonds, and jewelry in general in Mexico.

    I have a question: Is it safe to wear diamonds and jewelry when walking around in the Lakeside area?

    Thank you for your reply.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Judy, Thanks for your question.

    The Lakeside area is in my opinion safer than most of the rest of the world. This is especially true of personal assaults or confrontational type crime, but of course there is some of this.

    The area restaurants and night spots typically have some type of security people around the parking areas. You would be most vulnerable going to and from your car.

    I would use common sense and “send your escort to bring the car around for you”. Seriously, joking aside, this is not a bad idea since men would be less likely to be assaulted.

    I’ve never heard of any face to face robbery around any of our area restaurants or clubs. There probably have been isolated incidents, but none I’m aware of.

    In summary, if you enjoy wearing your pretty jewelery where ever you live now, I would not hesitate to do so here as well. Just use common sense.

    Others who have first hand knowledge are welcome to add their comments.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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