“Selling a Home at Lake Chapala?”

July 6, 2008

Trying to decide with whom to list…. or perhaps even trying to sell it yourself?

Before you make this very important decision please read the below information. This information could save you a lot of frustration and…put more money in your pocket sooner!

Hi, I’m Sid Grosvenor.

I’m a Buyer’s Agent for Lake Chapala Real Estate. Take a look at our website at www.ChooseChapala.com to see just some of what our firm does to market your home..

I personally have over 35 years experience buying, selling, financing, renting, leasing, and optioning residential real estate.

I was a licensed real estate broker in Texas back in the 60’s and I’m licensed to practice law in Texas, but currently in inactive status.

Locally, I’m a Realtor in good standing in our local Grupo Inmobilario del Lago (GIL) which is our local professional multiple listing group. I’ve also completed advanced studies in International Real Estate sponsored by the National Board of Realtors in the USA.


Why is a Buyer’s Agent asking you if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market?
Simple, if you hook up with the best real estate firm in the area, Lake Chapala Real Estate, then my job as a Buyer’s Agent is much easier.

Lake Chapala Real Estate does such a good job of describing their listings, photographing their listings, and advertising their listings that it’s just plain and simple a lot easier job for me to help my clients. I’m reminded of the old Dial Soap commercial., where the spokesperson says something like, “I use Dial, don’t you wish everybody did?”

Quite frankly I wish all the agencies that list homes for sale here at Lake Chapala did all the things that Lake Chapala Real Estate does to market their homes. Like their “Home Books” which thankfully a few other enlightened agencies have begun to copy.

Just what is a “Home Book”. It’s both an on line and a physical book that completely describes each listing in substantial detail, with numerous full color photos showing all aspects of the property, with maps of how to find the property, with photos of adjacent properties, with neighborhood information and all the other things that are important for prospective buyers to know.

A “Home Book” of each of Lake Chapala Real Estate’s listings is in their office at Constitucion 14 in Ajijic, an electronic copy is on their website www.ChooseChapala.com, and inside of each listed home is a Home Book plus detailed two sideed full color flyers for clients to take along with them.

Some firms just give the agents and their clients a washed out black and white photocopied flyer, a line or two of copy in the MLS, a bad photo or two, and ads so tiny in the local real estate publications that they are close to worthless.

Look at the photos of the homes on line of the different firms.. How many photos are there?­
Do the photos make you want to visit the home? Do they really tell you much about the home?
Or, do they show you a picture of a wall with a bed in front of it for a home that’s advertised as “unfurnished”. Hello, anyone at home!?
Well, you get the idea.

So, help make my job a lot easier as a Buyer’s Agent. List with Lake Chapala Real Estate.

Email for more information:

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