So You Like Horses ?

July 30, 2008

While the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area of Mexico has almost all of the modern conveniences of the USA and Canada like High Speed DSL, internet, large modern supermarkets, and all the things that you’ve grown accustomed to and probably don’t want to give up it also has a lot more.

Mexico still has the charm of yesterday year. There are wild horses that come down out of the mountains and graze on empty lots and are a delight to watch.


Brisas de Chapala, a development on the road leading from Chapala to Guadalajara is a nice established neighborhood. I first visited it about 16 years ago and with the exception of a number of new nice homes is much the same now as it was then including the migratory horse population. 

So, when you visit our area be sure and takea ride thru Brisas de Chapala and you might just see some wild horses enjoying their breakfast.


The best part of watching these beautiful creatures for me is when it’s time for the babies to arrive. I enjoy nothing more than watching the baby horses just gaining their balance on wobbly legs and then watching them grown into colts and finally into full grown adults. 



Most of the homes in Brisas have fences or walls so they don’t really do any damage they just are a living beautiful part of the landscape.


Most of the developments do not allow residents to keep horses on site but, there are places where you could stable your own horse if that’s of interest to you.


Here’s a link to a nice large full service facility “Rancho del Paso” very convenient to Chapala and Ajijic 


Or, for the occasional rider there are horses for rent in beautiful lower La Floresta  near the lake for under $8 USD per hour at last check. There’s a bridal path but you’re not restricted to it. 

The countryside around the main towns at Lake Chapala bump up against the rural lifestyle of Old Mexico and the caballeros (horsemen) who live in these areas enjoy riding into Chapala or Ajijic to show off their mounts.


A few even have taught their steeds how to dance or prance along the way. 


These are just some of many small things that makes life here at Lake Chapala Ajijic so pleasant and rewarding to experience.



  • Just Looking

    “Baby Horses” are called foals

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Thanks for the correct word. Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Betty, Thanks for the WOW comment. You made my day. It’s great to get such nice comments… but the only thing better than ther great comments for me is the brought smiles I see and the nice words I here after I get to say, “Congratulations, You now own a piece of Mexico” and I’ ve been blessed to be able to say that 4 times in the last 5 months… and I sure look forward to saying it to you and many more Chapala Club members.

    I like to encourage people with these words, “You can do it. I can help!”

    Not to pry or to be pushy at all, but if you send me an e mail to and explain your situation I may be ableto help so that next Thanksgiving we both will have even more to be thankful for.

    Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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