“Throw Your Alarm Clock Away!”

July 18, 2008

“Throw Your Alarm Clock Away !”

I wake up early naturally here. Not sure just why. Perhaps it’s an inner desire not to miss the cool air of a freshly washed morning during our rainy season or perhaps my internal clock is subconsciously set to awaken me early because it somehow knows I can’t wait to experience another day here.

I like to start the day off here on my terraza with a cup of fresh coffee made with cinnamon water to which I add a splash of pure local vanilla and cream.

I’m blessed with a nice view of Lake Chapala, calm and peaceful in the early morning light, just above my beautiful garden graced with a nice assortment of fruit trees, rose bushes and Bird’s of Paradise.

The morning silence is broken only by the sounds of the birds twittering and the hum of humming birds nearby.

My sweetheart, Arcelia, the love of my life now has just returned from her early morning exercise walk around our neighborhood, but I didn’t worry that she walked alone as my neighborhood is quite safe here at Lake Chapala.

Well, the day is moving forward, so I finish my coffee and put on my work clothes. Yes, I work. Well some people would call it work. I call it doing what I love to do. What’s that you ask?

I love to show off our little slice of paradise to visitors from all over the world. You see I want to share what I have found with them… and with you if you find your way here.

You know how it is. When you find something that becomes your passion you want to share it with anyone and everyone who will listen, right?

Now, I’ve learned that not everyone wants to share my passion for our area. That’s OK with me. I’m not a pushy person. Besides, there are plenty of folks coming to our area who are just plain sick and tired of life up North for a whole host of reasons that you, dear reader no doubt understand better than I since I’ve now lived in this area for over 7 years now.

The new has worn off living here, but the love of living here has just deepened with each passing year. It sure doesn’t seem like I’ve been here 7 years. But, you know what they say; time flies when you’re having fun.

And, there’s plenty of fun to have here. With so many like-minded folks here from North America I feel like I have the best of both worlds. I get to share my host country’s wonderful traditions and culture (being married to a Mexicana helps) but I didn’t have to give up my own North American culture and language.

And, with Satellite TV, High Speed Internet, inexpensive voice over internet direct access USA/Canadian telephone lines it’s as easy to stay in touch with family and friends still living in the USA and Canada as it was when I lived there.

The spare bedroom get’s a workout between visitors from the States and my Mexican family’s visits here from various parts of Mexico.

Oh yes, I was talking about doing what I love to do, but since I sometimes actually get paid to have my fun, I guess you could call it work.

I introduce new comers to the area who might be interested in relocating to the area and perhaps to buy a home here. I see my role as facilitator and protector.

Why “protector” ? Well, there are those who would take advantage of folks who are overwhelmed by the beauty, the easy lifestyle, and might be wooed into making a decision they will later regret.

With my experience and guidance and yes integrity; I feel uniquely qualified to insure that people will have everything they need to make an intelligent, well informed decision. What are my unique qualifications ?

As a former Real Estate Broker, and Real Estate Investor in Texas, I understand Real Estate markets (the basics are the same here and there, but with important differences you should know about).

As a Realtor here for over 5 years and member of the various professional local organizations I understand real estate markets here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic.

As a Dallas Police Officer for 35 years, and Attorney at Law (don’t hold that last one against me OK) for 17 years I have long ascribed to a professional code of ethics and to that I add my personal code of ethics which boils down to this: “I promise to treat you as I would want to be treated if our roles were reversed.”

I can provide a very long list of clients here who have offered to substantiate that statement.

So, if you’d like to know more about the area, about me, about just how we live our lives here please read through all the pages on this website, sign up for the automatic updates on the Home page in the upper right hand corner… and send me an e mail with your unanswered questions.

Better yet, come on down for a check us out vacation-fact finding trip and mix a little business with pleasure. I get to do this everyday.

All for now.

Siempre tu amigo, Sid e mail: Sid@ChapalaClub.com

Email for more information:

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