Is Mexican Citizenship for You?

August 1, 2008

Is Mexican Citizenship for You?


Have you ever thought about becoming a naturalized citizen? I have and I decided take the plunge over a year ago.


I say, I decided to take the plunge, but I didn’t do it.


I sure wish I had.  Back then, according to the way officials were interpreting the law holders of an FM3 for 5 years or just 2 years if you were married to a Mexican national allowed you to make application.


Why did I want to and still do? I’m not really sure. I’ve been in love with the Mexican culture as long as I can remember. I grew up around Mexican-American kids in Texas, most of whose parents were from Mexico.


The schools I went to were bi-cultural. Our sock hops and dances had Mexican polkas as well as rock and roll tunes.


I’ve been attracted to the Latina look in ladies all my life, I love the mariachis handsome clothes, my favorite female vocalist is Anna Barbara, and when I was 18, I took my first trip outside the USA to Mexico.


A bi-lingual Mexican-American buddy and I and and two other buddies drove my ‘49 Caddie to Mexico City, but that’s another story.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I also love the good old USA despite its warts and I would not consider giving up my US citizenship.


The good news is…I don’t have to. I can become a dual citizen. Many Mexicans who immigrate to the USA become dual citizens, so why not me?


But, since I waited and didn’t apply earlier I now have to begin the waiting period all over with my new FM2 immigration permit.

I just hope when the two years are up they don’t change the interpretation again.

Here are the other qualifications for applying for Mexican Citizenship as I understand them currently.


You were wondering if you  might qualify some day right?


Qualifying is easier than you might think.


You do need to be able to “speak Spanish”. Not, read and write it, just speak it.  How well?

That is all in the ear of the examiner. I’ve had people say that their  advocate (immigration specialist)  did much of the talking and would turn to them and say, “Es verdad, no?” (That’s the truth, right ?” To which they were taught to say, “Si, Claro !” (Yes, of course.)

Another part of the exam is that you have to answer 5 questions about Mexicio which might be very easy or “un poco dificil” ( A little hard).

They are considering making the exam much harder and I suspect that there will be more uniform Spanish exams as well in the future.

OK, Here’s the eligibility requirements.

Eligibility: Foreigners can apply in one or more of the following categories:


1. If you have lived in Mexico continuously for five years with an FM2 residency permit (2 years if married to a Mexican National).


2. If your children are Mexican by birth and you have resided in this country for two years.


3. If you are married to a Mexican citizen and have resided in Mexico for two years.


4. If you are a citizen of a LIberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) and have resided in Mexico for two years.


5. If you can prove to have given Mexico distinguished service or work in a variety of fields, including culture, business, science or sports.


6. If you can prove direct lineal ancestry from a Mexican citizen and have resided in this country for two years.


You can do all the paper work yourself, but I highly recommend you contact a professional to run interference for you.


What are the advantages for me and perhaps for you?


I will never have to bother with FM2 renewals or work papers and the related expenses after I become a citizen. And, I will be able to work at any job I choose.


And, since I’ve chosen to live the rest of my life here I would like to be able to vote my conscience.


A fringe benefit, I would hope never to have to use, would be in the unlikely event I was on a cruise ship and terrorist pirate types took over the ship and collected passports I would offer up my Mexican passport because the last I looked no one was really mad at Mexico. Most folks are just mad about Mexico.


Count me in that group.

  • Kevin McDermott

    If you have 5 years of FM-3 or FM-2 you can apply and not have left Mexico in the last two years.

  • Mitzi Allen

    I would like to know how I would start the process to become a dual citizen, my grandparents born and expired in Mexico, my brother and sister born in mexico and live in the united states, you said I have to live their for 2 years correct? when I decide to go and retire in mexico what is the first step to becoming a dual citizen, do I go to the mexican consolate and apply in Mexico, or do I apply in the United states? please let me know.

    Thank You

    Mitzi Allen

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