Is the Food Safe to Eat at Restaurants at Lake Chapala Ajijic?

August 15, 2008

Is the Food Safe to Eat at Restaurants at Lake Chapala Ajijic?

Most folks don’t know it, but the state of Jalisco does have a Dept. of Health. They do inspect restaurants, issue notices of infractions and may even close restaurants who will not comply with the law. That being said however the best way to avoid becoming sick is to follow the tips in this report.

Food: First: Don’t over do it. Get used to the food slowly. You will encounter many new to you foods and drinks. You don’t have to stick to only those foods you know, but try small portions of new foods and drinks to see how your body adapts.

In other words don’t abruptly change your diet dramatically. Mexico has many wonderful foods you don’t commonly find in the USA or Canada, so you have the opportunity to enjoy a whole new world of culinary delights. After visiting and living here for many years we still find something we haven’t tried from time to time.

If you do try something that doesn’t agree with your system or even get food poisoning and get a case of “Montezuma’s Revenge” that lasts for more than a day you should check with a doctor, as you may have picked up a parasite of some type. This is extremely rare. Peto-Bismol or its equal fixes most folks up but stronger medicine is available if needed.

 Chapapa Area Nov 07 020
This is a favorite Mom and Pop Restaurant for the Gringos who live in and around Chapala.

Scrumptious food at Mom and Pop Prices. Large portions with small prices.

Water: Water is often the culprit when folks get sick, or at least unpurified water. As far as I know all of the restaurants serve only purified water, as bottled purified water is abundant and inexpensive at approximately $1.20 USD per 5 gallons.

Water is not commonly served in restaurants, but is available if requested. Aguas which simply translates “Waters” really means water mixed with some type of fruit juice or plant tea. Examples are Jamica, Tamarindo, and Lemonada (Lemonade).

Fruits and Veggies: Unless you can peel them and discard the peel you should soak all fruits and veggies in an iodine solution. Microdyne is a common brand of this solution sold in local supermarkets. A squirt from the small bottle in a sink of water does the trick.

Chapapa Area Nov 07 018

Tap Water: Tap water in most areas here is not purified. The water is reported to be naturally safe to drink in Vista del Lago and Chula Vista developments.

Many homes here have a whole house water purification pressure system installed. Those that don’t should be able to have one installed for between $800 and $1,000 USD depending upon the brand chosen and the particulars of the individual installation.

Some folks brush their teeth with tap water, but most don’t. Best to be safe and use purified water. Again purified water is abundant and inexpensive.

Tap water is safe to wash dishes in (let them air dry), to wash clothes in, and for baths or showers (just keep your mouth shut).


  • Allan & Kathy Mayer

    Great article with your drive thru Mirasol. We enjoy seeing and hearing about all the great things we will enjoy with you one day, soon, I hope.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Allan and Kathy, Thanks for your nice words. I look forward to helping you guys find justthe right home for you. There were good deals when you visited before. Now , the deals are even better for buyers. Will they get even better? I don’t know as my crystal ball is a bit cloudy now.

    We are definitely in the trough and for appreciate purposes that’s the place to buy.

    Having said that, if you’re less interested in appreciation, but just want an affordable home in a lovely area where your retirement pension has always bought more than in the USA or Canada and is therefore almost sure to do so in the future then anytime is a good time to buy a piece of Paradise.

    Thanks again for the kind words. My videos have been a big hit with our Club Members so you can expect them to continue.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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