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August 8, 2008

Letters, We Get Letters!
As I recieve letters I think are helpful, interesting, humerous, etc. I will put them here under this heading.
Here’s one recieved August 8, 2008.  The word is beginning to get out about www.ChapalaClub.com

“Wow Sid, Your website is jam packed with fantastic information, we have learned so much already, before we’ve even come down. Can you tell me where geographically Nuevo Chapala is?

Thanks,  Ray S.”


Here’s my response to Ray, republished here as a service to everyone interested in learning more about Lake Chapala – Ajijic, Mexico.


“Hi Ray, Thanks for the “Wow”. I’ve had a lot of great responses to my new website, www.ChapalaClub.com.


 This makes all the hard work to get it up and running more than worth the effort.

 Nuevo Chapala is to the North East of the town of Chapala. It’s a large development of flat lots convenient to Chapala and to the Chapala Country Club (3 minutes to Sorianna shopping center in North Chapala and 12 minutes to the Country Club).

There are still a lot of lots to choose from. For some reason Nuevo Chapala has been slow to catch on with North Americans.

It’s a nice area and I think is posed to take off when the new waves of Baby Boomers begin to move into our little piece of paradise.

Downtown Chapala, which is the County seat, the banking center, and commercial area of the North Shore of Lake Chapala is just 4 minutes or less from Nuevo Chapala and 5 minutes to San Antonio Tlayacapan and another 7 minutes or so on to the West to Ajijic.

If you live in the central part of Chapala, or near the plaza in San Antonio Tla., or in or near the plaza of Ajijic you would be able to walk to small shops, restaurants and more.

If you live in central Chapala you would also be able to walk to  the American Legion, and the beautiful new Lake Chapala malecon waterfront area where you can swim, enjoy nice restaurants, have a beer in the newly renovated Beer Garden or catch boat rides to various places of interest on the Lake.



Chapala, like Nuevo Chapala will also I think benefit from the coming wave of Baby Boomers.

Ajijic is a very pretty Village, but the popularity has caused the prices to rise so that for many retirees it is just not in their budget.

More and more North Americans are choosing San Antonio Tlayacapan (which is between Chapala and Ajijic) over Ajijic, again as the prices are more moderate.

Well, Ray, one thing for sure, our  pensions will go a lot further here in the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area  than anywhere in the USA.

So, let me know when and how I can help.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, (Always your friend), Sid “

 Here’s the first recieved today August 1, 2008

“WOW Sid  – I am very impressed – what a wonderful website.  I’ve already joined and am going to recommend it to my friends going down there this winter.  Great way to gather information and make friends before we even get there.  Congratulations, you’ve done a wonderful job.  Also, Thanks for helping me get connected with people in the Chapala area. 
Here’s another  nice letter.
Dear Sid
I think your website is excellent and the newsletter as well. It was so like I received a letter from a personal friend that I almost wrote you a long letter back. What I’m also finding out is that you aren’t high pressure like some agents we’ve been with in SMA. 
Many thanks…  Jim DeWitt”
Hi Sid, “Congrats on the fabulous Chapala Club website….very professional and  informative.

“Hi Sid: Chapala Club, what a great idea!  Now I can look forward to receiving even more timely lakeside information from you.  You’ve been and continue to be my primary source for learning about living at Lake Chapala.  I very much appreciate your ongoing efforts and I’ll be looking forward to receiving Chapala Club in the future.  Thanks again and take care.

 Regards! J.”

 “Hi Sid, I keep thinking that I must be the worst client you’ve ever had – so  much indecision and back-and-forth on my part – and all the time and energy you’ve put into assisting me!!  I can’t say enough about your patience, kindness, and professionalism – Linda”

 “Hey Sid, We thank you, it is a blessing to have you, when I am ready to buy,you will be the guy. Patti and Bob”
  • http://ChapalaWebBoard Rene J. Ashton

    Hello All:

    Its our first time to Wal-Mart in Guad across from Costco.

    We went into the parking lot, got our ticket to get in and then

    spent a couple of hours there. However, upon trying to leave

    the parking lot there was no one available to our money for the

    time spent there. Our ticket slipped into the machine didn’t

    activate anything and we drove around for 15 minutes trying to

    get out!! Is there some “Magic System” that we are not aware

    of?? Surely a little sign In English explaining their system

    would benefit a lot of Gringo eh!!

    Now, I know we’ll not be going back there to Wal-Mart because

    of the new Wal-Mart here in San Antonio. However, I’m still

    curious as to the “Magic System” they use.

    Can someone please explain in case we go back.


    Rene J.

  • Sid

    Lynne on December 7th, 2008 5:10 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything on this site is outstandingly wonderful! I rarely use that ‘wonderful’ word due to the overuse of it. Words that would honestlly reflect how much I benefit from ‘finding’ your site escape me at the moment.
    I feel I’ve visited with an old friend. Thank you for all the effort. Writing style is great.

    If this is written in the wrong place, please change it or delete or ?
    Just couldn’t stay silent since I enjoy it so much!

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