So, You Want a Roof that Won’t Leak ?

August 18, 2008

So, You Want a Roof that Won’t Leak ?

Almost everything about the Lake Chapala – Ajijic area is wonderful. Even the rainy season, but good roofs are an absolute must.

New homes: Read the article below and then ask the builder how he did the roof.

Pre owned homes: Inspect the roof carefully or have a cetified inspector  to inspect it. If it has less than a few years to go before it must have a new roof, then consider the repair cost into your offer.

Too late and you already have the home bought. The below information is of even more help to you. Don’t try and economize on your roof.

10 Easy Steps to Preparation and application of Fester Roof Coating.

1. Scrape and clean off any old roof coatings. Remove by   electric grinder old roof coatings. Grind down rough     cement areas, otherwise membrane will not adhere properly.

2. Thoroughly inspect all 6″ square roof tiles for looseness. All loose roof tiles must be removed, cement      cleaned off tiles and re-cemented with new cement.

3. Fill all cracks with cement.

4. IMPORTANT!!! A cement wash (thin cement and water) must be applied over all the roof tiles, otherwise Fester  Acriton will not adhere to the surface.

 roof compound


5. Roof must be Power Washed after to remove all dirt, loose materials, mildew, etc. Let roof dry for at least a few days.


6. A 50% mixture of Fester Acriton must be brushed, broomed or rolled on.


7. Lay the Membrane into this wet Fester Acriton. Smooth out the Membrane, so NO wrinkles or bubbles appear.

8. Right away, apply another coat of the 50% thinned Acriton over the Membrane. Let dry one day.

Roof sealer
 9. Next day, apply one more coat of Fester Acriton full strength from the can.

10. Next TWO days, apply TWO MORE coats of Acriton, so you actually have 3 full finish coats.Now you have a roof done properly that shouldn’t leak for 7 – 10 years or more.


 Use Fester Acriton 7 or 10 year Guarantee material. Best not to use anything less than 7 year material and 10 year is preferable.

 If you coat the roof WITHOUT using membrane, it will not last as long. The Membrane spans small cracks and makes the Coating much more flexible.A 2600 sq ft house takes approx 4 – 19 Liter buckets of 10 year material at $ 1,300. pesos per bucket = $ 5,200. pesos (approx $520 USD).

This is why Contractors charge anywhere from $ 8,000. pesos to $ 18,000. pesos, ($800 to $1,800 USD)  depending on roof size, to PROPERLY coat your roof when they Guarantee it. 

An average 2,600 – 3,000 sq ft roof should take 3 – 4 weeks

to complete with 2 men using Membrane laying it in carefully. (Less time if no membrane is used or only a partial membrane is used in selected areas). 

Email for more information:

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