Is Electricity at Lake Chapala Ajijic the same as in the USA or Canada?

September 26, 2008

Is Electricity the Same in Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico as in the USA or Canada ?



Than answer is….. well yes… and no.


Yes, your appliances will work here, but they may not last as long. Why? Because the voltage here varies more than in the USA.


The standard voltage in the US and Canada is close to 115 to 120 while in Mexico the standard voltage is normally 127 +/- 10 percent.


OK, Someone out there is wondering, “What’s voltage ?” Since I’m not an electrician and you’re probably not either let me put it this way.



Perhaps it’s best to explain by an example: Increase the voltage to an incandescent light bulb and the filament gets hotter with the result of a brighter light.

But, if we get the voltage too high the filament will be overloaded and overheat and fail. The same is true for computer components which of course are much more expensive than a light bulb.


There is an ideal voltage for each type of electrical appliance and if the voltage is too much the appliance fails or it’s life is shortened.

Line voltage varies of course and has swings in Mexico from as low as 90 to as high as 144.


The result is that often times US appliances brought here which were designed for the more stable US Voltage and may not last as long as they would have in the USA or Canada

But how about that sensitive piece of electronic equipment from the States that is rated at, say, 110 to 120 volts? What might happen if you were to plug it in here in Mexico?

Since the line voltage will be higher than ideal the likely result would be the shortening of the life of that piece of equipment.

Enter the Voltage Regulator:

They are available here for about $25 USD, but even when rated at 120 volts this doesn’t mean it maintains the voltage at 120 volts.

In fact most regulators do nothing if the line voltage is between about 115 and 125. However, if the line voltage drops below about 115, these regulators will step-up the voltage by 9 to 10 percent and should the line voltage go above about 125, they step-down the voltage by a like percentage.

These economical voltage regulators are not precise instruments, but rather by using a step-up or step-down transformer they give your electronics that extra bit of safety.


A small price to pay to protect a valuable computer or TV set or other valuable piece of electronic equipment.

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