Take the Quiz: Is Lake Chapala – Ajijic Right for You?

September 18, 2008

Take the Quiz: Is Lake Chapala Right for You?

Dear Friend.

I’ve researched many retirement destinations in the world and obviously l’ve decided on Lake Chpala Mexico… but is it the right area for you?

Of course I would love you to decide our area is right for you. But, only you can decide that.

However, I’ve put together a short quiz that may help. Should you base such an important decision on a short quiz? Of course not ! But, sometimes the “K I S S “ method (keep it short and simple) can add clarity to our thinking.

OK, here goes:

1. Do you like weather within a range of 45 to 80 degrees F. from season to season with very mild winters and a summer rainy season which keeps things cool (almost always raining at night but clearing for daytime activities) ? Score 1 – 10 (with 10 being “perfect for you”)

2. Do you prefer Small Town Life and values (with an amazing array of fine restaurants) but with a big city near by for World Class malls, entertainment, museums, art galleries, Sam’s, Price Club, Home Depot, Office Depot, etc. ? Score 1 to 10

3. Is proximity to the USA or Canada important to you with an International airport nearby? We’re just a long one day drive to the US border and  just a two hour flight to Dallas.

Score 1 to 10

4. Is being a half day drive from the Costa Alegre beaches between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta for fun in the sun and world class fishing important to you? Score 1 – 10

5. Is it important for you to live in an area where you can get by just fine without learning Spanish, but where if you did you would increase your enjoyment even more? Score 1 – 10

6. Is it important to you to live in an area where a significant number of native English speakers live for socializing, opportunities to get involved in community events, joining fraternal organizations, and or perhaps volunteering to help those less fortunate? Score 1 – 10

7.   Are stunning mountain views and or spectacular views of a lake so large it looks like an inlet from the ocean important to you? Score 1 – 10

8. Is access to good health care (3 local clinics) locally with English speaking doctors (who will even make house calls) and world class hospitals an hour away important to you? Score 1 – 10

9. Is clean mountain air with no heavy polluting industry nearby important to you? Score 1 – 10

10. Finally, is a cost of living of 30%, 40% or even 50% lower than where you probably live now important to you … as long as you still have high-speed internet service, clean drinking water, good local transportation, USA and Canadian style supermarkets and shopping centers; plus local traditional markets for fresh produce and natural products?

Bonus Question: Personal and Property Security. This is always important to us all no matter where we choose to live. Crime in our area is very low by almost any standard you want to use.

The most common crime is theft. The solution is to secure your property properly. Person to person confrontational crime is extremely low here. Ladies feel safe walking alone in our towns and villages around Lake Chapala.

No need to add or subtract points to your overall score as you should not consider any area to live where crime is consistently high. It’s just a bonus if it’s extremely low.

SCORING: Add up your points and refer to the comments below.

If your Total score was:

50 or below – Sorry, we may not be right for you; but come for a check us out trip anyway as we may have other things you will really like.

51 to 70 – You’re really in for a treat !

71 to 90 – You’ve hit pay dirt. Break out the Champagne glasses and celebrate. Buy your plane tickets today !!!

90 to 100 – You probably already live here or should move here at your first available opportunity.

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