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October 7, 2008

Jalisco has a State Science and Technology Program and a special policy for the IT, microelectronics, and multimedia sector.


The Information Technology Institute of Jalisco (IJALTI) is a non-profit civil organization whose mission is to actively lead and manage Jalisco’s Information Technology, Microelectronics and Multimedia Policy deployment, integrating the Private Sector, Government and

Academia fronts, and executing the strategies needed to drive the State industry’s growth.


TheStrategic goal is to promote and drive the development and IT assimilation of the different productive sectors, in order to enable productivity, growth and continuous improvement, through research, training and technical assistance.


Software Development: More than 3,000 highly qualified programmers have given Jalisco its leading position in software development, from retail products to custom-made solutions.


Embedded Software: Taking advantage of the electronic manufacturing cluster, developers work in advanced embedded software projects for all types of devicesfrom printers to aerospace and medical equipment.


A very large Software Park is schedule for construction in Chapala.. and a number of technical schools are already located along the Libramiento in San Antonio, Tla.

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  • Janis Lee

    Aloha Sid, your friend Janis from Maui, a few of my old clients our here now, and to say , they are a bit shocked I’m all packed up ready to get off this Beautiful Rock, you can’t even afford to enjoy that beautiful beach, we all moved here to enjoy! But as I said before you have to work 3 jobs seven day’s a week, just to eat bean’s. Where I know you all love your bean’s down Mexico way, but at least you get rice and a Rita to go with them. No one believes, I would just pack up my dogs, and my whole house and just move, site unseen, well pictures show a Realtor many things! and the stories about all you local’s, I have been reading on the Blog, lets me know it for sure! is where I want to retire, good people, like to have fun and treat each other with respect, Why waste all that money just to check it out, all I need is a Rental, Then when I’m ready I’ve got the best Real Estate agent on the planet, to find me that killer house, How much better can it get?See you soon Sid. Jessie & Ray I hope will be calling you, as well as their son Trevor all looking for that retirement home. But has to be Lake Front. Aloha Janis Lee

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Janis, Thanks for the nice words in your comments about my help to you.

    Yes, some folks more or less throw caution to the wind and just come on down. While I don’t advise this for everyone, it seems to work out well for a lot of folks.

    A lot of folks are investigating our area for the lower prices and it’s true we have a much lower cost of living than most of the USA and Canada… and a lot, lot lower than some places like your Aloha State.

    I hope your friends Jesse and Ray get in contact with me. I love to show off our beautiful area to visitors as I get to relive the excitement through them that I first felt when I came to the area the first time many years ago.

    The thrill of course has mellowed, but certainly not gone.

    It’s morphed into Thankfulness and Satisfaction confirming on a regular basis that I made the right dicision for me.

    Looking forward to meeting you and all your friends Janis,

    Tu amigo, Sid

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