Temastián – Home of El Senor del los Rayos

November 7, 2008

Now, I know you’ve heard of the “Lord of the Rings”, but “El Senor de los Rayos’ is much cooler as you will soon be witness to.

But first let me tell you about one of the places where he lives. It’s a small town with a big reputation in the Northern part of the Mexican State of Jalisco about a half day drive North from Lake Chapala – Ajijic calledTemastián.

Temastián reminds me of the beautiful colonial city of Morelia except on a much smaller scale. Almost all the buildings in town from the most meager, to the most lavish are constructed out of large blocks of contara stone. 

The blocks don’t seem to have any mortar and are precisely fitted reminding me of the precisely placed stone blocks of the Egyptian peramids.

It’s well worth a day trip from Lake Chapala or if you have time to spend the night there’s even a small hotel in town.


OK, now let me give you a bit of the history of what you just saw in the video above.

Temastián is a town that belongs to the Totatiche Municipality, located to the North of Jalisco State, this is a place where every year a great religious movement is held in dedication to the Señor de los Rayos.

Thousands of pilgrims go each year to give thanks for everything they have received during the year and to ask for blessings for next year.


Most of  the  pilgrimages take place from January 3rd to 12th  with people coming from all over Mexico.


OK, Now here’s a video I made in early November 2008 so you can get a taste of the grandeur of this awesome place.


Be watching for Part two where you will see proof of thousands of miracles credited to the “Lord of the Lightening”




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