A Strange, but True, New Years Tradition at Lake Chapala Mexico !

December 31, 2008

A Strange, but True, New Years Tradition at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico !

Did you know that many Mexican ladies believe the following:

If a Mexican lady wants to be assured of love she wears red panties on New Year’s Eve.

If she wants a good job and financial health she wears Yellow ones.

If on the other hand she wants to have good health then she wears white ones

If she’s looking for money in the new year then she wears GREEN ones.

The colors of flowers arranged in the home on New Year’s eve is also a tradition to bring you what you hope for in the coming year.

  • Jim Reddick

    I’m retired and was thinking about making a trip to Lake Chapala to check it out. Is there nice homes for rent if you want to live there for 3 months to see how life is. It will probably be February when I am able to visit with my son. Do you have a suggestion where to stay and some one to show us rental and samples of homes for sale?

    I was a little concerned to see all the postings relating to robbed homes in the area. Is this getting to be a bigger problem as the economy worsens?


    Jim Reddick

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jim, Crime moves around and is almost always increasing or decreasing. I doubt if any current increase in our area is due to an economic downturn. The new WalMArt has given a significant job boost to the local area and employed a lot of people.

    WalMart is the single largest employer in Mexico. Some hate the idea of having a WalMart here at Lake Chapala, but I think it does a lot more good than harm, but you asked about crime.

    I think a lot of what you may be hearing is the same crime retold by others, but I can’t be sure. Small towns are like that in the USA or in Mexico. The Stats leave a lot to be desired, but some groups are working to improve them.

    There was a small problem around the Six Corners area of West Ajijic, but I think that has all been cleared up now. Police and local ExPats are working with the youth of that area to give them constructive outlets for their energy.

    Ladies feel safe here to walk alone in any of the towns or villages (yes, even at night although I would not recommend it just to be on the extra safe side).

    Stranger to stranger confrontational crime is almost non existent, but yes, of course burglaries do occur, especially when homes are left vacant for long periods of time. If your home is in an isolated area or even if it’s not it’s a good idea to take basic precautions when leaving on a vacation or other extended trip, just like you would in the USA or Canada.

    Have lights that come on and off at irregular intervals, have trusted friends or neighbors keep an eye on your home while you’re gone.

    Swear your maid and gardener to secrecy. They should not talk with family or friends about your absence. Sure, your maid or gardener are trustworthy people, but if they brag at the dinner table, “My employer is going to Europe on vacation… ” the no count brother in law may be listening.

    Some folks find it a good idea to hook up with a trusted house sitter for extended vacations or absences.

    The local Ex Pat community for the most part are not citizens here and can’t vote, but we do voice our concerns with local officials… and we are heard. The officials know that they MUST keep crime down to keep foreigners here and to insure more continue to come. We have clout, so to speak, because we give so much to the local economy and of course we give of ourselves and our money for many worthy area causes as well.

    I hope this helps to put your mind at ease Jim. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Gwen Harris

    Is there a house-sitting company in Ajijic I can contact for employment? I am very interested to spend up to 6 months in Ajijic and I have friends there. Im about to retire. Thank you for any information on this.

  • http://www.ChapalaClub.com Sid

    Hi Guen, Thanks for your comment. There’s no house sitting firm in our area that I’m aware of. It sounds like a good idea.

    I think most house sitters here find places to house sit on line, but as far as I know none of these on line places have a bricks and mortar business in our area.

    Sorry, I could not be of mor help. If I her of one I’ll add it to the comments section below. All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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