Grand Kids and More about Staying Young!

December 3, 2008

Grand Kids and More about Staying Young


Well, this title may seem to some of you as a bit odd. If you have grandkids you must be at least beginning to show a few signs of aging, right?


I guess you could interpret the headline this way, but perhaps I can explain it to your satisfaction in this short article.


First, those of us who live here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic to one degree or another “Think out of the Box”. This just means that we have the ability to see things that many of our friends and family up North may not as yet understand.


When you live here you’ll be surrounded by young families often with several kids. This doesn’t make me feel old at all. In fact as I quietly observe these families on the plaza or in the marcardo or in a local restaurant I draw in strength and energy from their smiling faces.


I sort of feel like a surrogate grandfather and of course this makes me think of my own grandchildren of which I now have four.  Two here in Mexico and two in Texas.


When I see them on visits I have the same youth filling experience except more intense.


The oldest just turned 16 and the two youngest are just a few months old and learning how to smile.


Now, if you still live up North don’t be mad at me for the crack I made above about thinking out of the box, because you too think out of the box or you would not be visiting this website


And, if you have grand kids I know they bring smiles to your face up there too, but here as I mentioned you get to play surrogate grand parent and so have even more smiles coming your way.


Now, I also know that some of you are probably thinking, “Well I am interested in Lake Chapala Ajijic, but I think I would miss my grand kids.”

Waymire photos 006

       Maria Fernanda, daughter in law Elizabeth, and Sarah Sophia


Of course you will miss them. I admit I miss mine, but with the Internet, voice over Internet direct telephone lines to the US and Canada for very low cost and an International airport just 20 minutes away  there’s no excuse for not staying in touch.


Like one of the phone companies used to say, “Reach out and touch someone”. I get regular photos of mine via Internet and now even home movies can be sent via e mail attachments complete with sound.


So, between the energy I get from all the smiling faces, the local sunshine, the good and good for you fresh food (more and more organically grown), the year around great weather which, encourages walking, swimming, golf, dancing,  tennis, and the great local bands providing nourishment for your soul, and a social calendar as full as you want it to be; it really is  easy to stay young here.


If you want to learn more about how you can come join us and stay young too just give me a call toll free at

1 – 877 514 1396 or e mail me at and I’ll help fill your prescription for more smiles and staying young …. at any age.




Email for more information:

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