Is there good Satellite TV Coverage at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

December 6, 2008

Is there good Satellite TV Coverage at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

The short answer is a great big YES. Currently we have Star Choice (Canadian programming all in English with the three major networks plus Fox), Sky (Mexican company channels in English and movies in English with Spanish Subtitles, and now MVS Comunicaciones has teamed up with the EchoStar Corporation to offer a new, low-cost satellite TV service in Mexico.

According to a press release, the service, to be known as “Dish Mexico,” will deliver a wide variety of audio and video channels in an all digital format via an EchoStar-provided high-powered direct broadcast satellite that allows signals to reach beyond mountains and buildings, thus providing video options across the entire country.

The service will be delivered to homes via a small satellite dish antenna and a digitally encrypted set-top box. 

The basic service includes 25 Spanish and English-language channels for 139 pesos per month.

The basic package includes children’s programming from Disney Channel, Jetix, Nick, Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network; general entertainment from Universal Channel, Sony, Warner Channel, 52MX, E! Entertainment Television and SciFi Channel; educational channels from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The History Channel and Infinite; sports programming from ESPN, ESPN 2 and Fox Sports; music channels from MTV and Exa TV; and movie channels from TNT, The Film Zone, MC, Multipremier and Cine Latino.

In addition, Dish offers premium movie packages with no commercial breaks.

The service is expected to launch initially in the cities of Puebla and Leon and will be available across Mexico in the next few months.


I should add in closing that many homes here come complete with satellite receivers in place. Some of them are the older very large dishes which must be rotated from satellite to satellite, but they still work quite well.

So, don’t worry about missing English language TV as you will have a variety of choices here at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico to choose from.


  • Johan


    You may wish to mention that DishNetwork provides also excellent programmimg through its satelite at 119 degrees. Many more movie channels than other providers, and the best thing is: no commercials on a whole lot of these movie channels.

  • Brad Cunningham

    Hi–We purcahsed in the Racquet Club and did get the real estate comps prior to making offers–If you remember they were not devulging the sale prices and only did the selling prices to keep the buyers in the dark–foolish-idea. Now with that correction can someone please enlighten us as to is it best to buy a car in Mexico or the States–Seems if you have to move a lot of stuff then you do so from the US or Canada and pull a trailer other wise in GDL. How are prices? availability? and which is the easiest with everything else on the plate.
    Any Direction or article would be appreciated as we do our homework–
    Best–Brad (New resident Lakeside)

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Brad, If I had been your agent I would have been sure to get both list and sales price of the best com parables available along with other data like approximate replacement costs.

    OK, Now about buying a car. I’m sure there are those who think it better to buy a car here in Mexico like all the Mexican car dealers.

    If you plan to use an FM3 as your immigration doc. then there’s no reason you should not buy a car in the USA and drive it back here to Lake Chapala. Cars are less expensive in the USA by I think around 20 to 25% the last time I checked.

    There are on line services for US cars that you can check the title change and find out about reported wrecks etc. that as far as I know are not avialble in Mexico. As long as your FM3 is good your car import sticker will be good. There’s other rules about temporary importing of vehicles, but this repsonse is primarily about the best place to buy a car.

    Favor brands like Fords that are popular in Mexico. I drive Ford Explorers. A truck with a car body. There are 7 Ford dealers for parts in Guad. Once in a while the Mexican version is a little different and you may have to imprt parts from the USA.

    The mechanics here will be familiar with the more popular brands here and more mechanics will be able to work on the popular brands.

    Nissan is a popular brand in Mexico for example. Look at how many Nissan Taxis there are here.

    Older Mexican plated cars have a small yearly tax while new Mexican plated cars have this tax plus a very large tax.

    If you opt for a Mexican plated car take a look at S and S motors owned by Spenser Shulman and wife (Canadians) They’re good trustworthy folks.

    If they don’t have what your looking for you can find used cars along the various highways like the Libramiento just past the new shopping center under constuction. (They have red reflector triangles on top.) Have a trusted Mexican mechanic give anything you consider a good going over BEFORE you make your offer.

    In Guadalajara there’s a giant car sale lot (like a flea market for cars) every Sunday just before the divided highway from Chapala turns into a blvd as you enter the core of Guad.

    It’s huge. You should be able to see it. Make a U turn and it will then be on your right as you’re headed back South toward Chapala.

    Again BUYER BEWARE. Take a mechanic unless you feel qualified to go it alone.

    You will notice a lot of cars and trucks with no license plates. These are usually vehicle which have been imported from the USA (usually legally) but have not yet been registed in the Mexican State of the new owner. If you buy one of these you’ll have to register it and pay the new license fee for your shiny new Jalisco plate.

    S and S Automotive looks better all the time.

    Unless you plan on using an FM2 aand or at some point becoming a Mexican Citizen I would strongly consider a trip to the USA to buy my older, but excellent codition drive train car. You will get scratches, nicks etc. from a variety of sources here so new cars don;t make sense to me. I have a 94 Explorer, a 97 Explorer and a 02 Explorer. Only the 92 was bought in Mexico from a trusted source. The 97 has been NAtionalized and reborn as a Mexican plated vehicle and the 2002 will likely be driven to the USA and sold in 2010.

    If you buy a US or Canadian plated car here from a North American seller you both will have to go to the border and check it out of Mexico, register it in your name and then re enter Mexico using your name as the importer. S and S keeps looking better unless you’re willing to make the trip to the USA and back.

    Remember the rule is one gringo per one US or Canadian plated car at a time in Mexico.

    There’s more, but this is enough I think to get you started. Hope this helps. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • John Cawood

    Dear Sid:
    hanks for the help. I need every bit of help I can get. I drove my car down from Canada, bought Mexican insurance at the border but somehow (ignorance) failed to get the Car Import Sticker for my windshield. I have my FM3 and own a house in Ajijic. Is there any way I can arrange for an import permit sticker for my car without having to drive back to the border? The closest border to me in Ajijic is the seaport of Mansanillo. I am told that if I present myself in person with my car there, I’ll be able to get the necessary sticker. Is this true?

    I suppose there is no way, is there, of getting this sticker on-line now that I am already in Mexico. Thanks Sid for being the Good Samaritan. Sincerely, John C.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi John, NOt sure how to advise you. I would check with one of the local immigration services. The Mexican Government is super strict about car importation.

    Not sure about Mazanillo snce it’s not an International border you can drive across. I think there may be complications there.

    If Mago in Chapala (Immigration Specialist) or in Ajijic can’t help I think I head for a land border and and stop at the car permit location and act like I was just entering Mexico. I suspect this would be cheaper than confessing and being subject to a large fine.

    Perhaps someone else will have a better idea. You might try asking on the web board too.

    Lety us know how it turns out. We wish you the best. Sid

  • Tony

    I am living in mexico and just changed to a fm2 from a fm3. I plan to drive my 2000 usa made chevie suburban to mexico in a couple of months. I am getting so many answers being able to get the car licensed in mexico with a fm2. and also how many days I can be out of the country per year, or per 5 yrs.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Tony, I switched to an FM2 a couple of years ago as it’s a path to Mexcian Citizenship or permanent “immigrato” status.

    I seriously doubt that you will have any problem importing your USA plated car. The best thing to do is check with an immigration lawyer or one of the immigration services for a more definitive answer. may have an answer for you.

    I’m prepared to export my USA plated car once I become a Mexican citizen as I do know that as a Mexican Citizen you may not own a USA plated car in Mexico.

    With an FM2 it’s very important to get an exit stamp in your FM2 booklet and an entry stamp when entering Mexico. This allows the authorities to count the days. If I understand the law as to the number of permitted days out of Mexico it’s 180 days during the 5 year period your status is valid as an FM2 visa holder. That averages out to 36 days a year. So, this should not be a serious burden for anyone
    serious enough about living here to go for the FM2 status.

    You may want to check for more or better information.

    Hope this helps. Sid

  • daniel mccool

    I was in contact with Richard Dicastri via email with John Cawood. Now that they have moved to Ajijic, the email address has changed. Could you forward this message to them from Daniel McCool in Mexico City? Thank you,

    Daniel McCool

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Daniel, I don;t know either of the people you mentioned. I checked the LCS and local Directory and did not find wither name. Hopefully someone who does have contact info for them will see this comment and pass the word along. Sid

  • Rick

    Sid does Chapala Haciendas have potable water

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