A Great Escape from Lake Chapala Ajijic: How to Vacation at a World Class Beach Resort for 4 days and 3 nights including food, transportation and lodging for 2 people for $533.09 USD.

January 13, 2009

A Great Escape from Lake Chapala Ajijic:

How to Vacation at a World Class Beach Resort for 4 days and 3 nights including food, transportation and lodging for 2 people for $533.09 USD.

Well, the first question is … Why would anyone want to escape from beautiful and affordable Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

Good question: A change of scenery from beautiful to other beautiful is fun, and while our Lake is beautiful and, almost looks like the sea on occasion it’s not the beach.

So, since I had never been to the beach at  Mazatlan before, and since my wife assured me it was very nice I agreed to give it a try.

I of course almost live on line, so I immediately went on line and checked out hotel deals, and calculated the distance; since we would be driving our car rather than flying. ( I feel lost without wheels being from Texas where you  really are almost lost without “wheels”.)

Then, we booked the best deal we could find on line (It’s high season now after all)  choosing the “Costo Oro Beach Hotel” which is rated 3 stars officially, but the on line reviews gave it 4 stars.


It turned out to be an excellent choice, right on the best beach, in the heart of the Costo Dorado or in English Gold Coast.

Our room was on the 4th floor, ( an elevator is available) with an in room coffee maker, two queen beds,  a closet, a descent bath and a  nice sized table.

I specified I wanted a table in the room. I like to spread out to use my laptop, write, study, and plan. So, I got  table and with the free wireless connection I could check e mails and stay in touch with Chapala Club members from all over the world.

I even managed to write a couple of articles while not sun bathing, eating, or shopping.

We didn’t need the central AC or any heat, but a light blanket felt good at night. You could hear the surf crashing from outside our room and we even had a partial view of the ocean, although the room was classed as just “Garden View:.

SidArce 023

A very large pool, lay between the main hotel building accessed via  a beautiful tropical garden, set off by a waterfall,  and a bar restaurant was immediately adjacent to the pool area.

The very large pool area overlooked the golden sand beach below which was easily accessible by a short flight of stairs.

SidArce 013

I was tempted to do the Para sailing thing (where a speed boat pulls you up and out over the ocean from the beach area and somehow at the end of the experience cuts the power so you drift safely back to the beach area where you began.

I said “tempted” but I decided to stay earthbound for this trip. Maybe next trip. I mean if the first President Bush can skydive at in his eighties, certainly I could handle a Para-sail, right?

Well perhaps I’ll wait until I’m in my eighties.

We didn’t eat at the hotel restaurant , but did order a mixed drink or two from the pool side bar which were delicious and priced  just over $3 USD.

We mostly just “chilled out” under the all day sunny skies soaking up as much sun energy as we could along with the wonderful sea air in the morning, then a break for a light lunch, more sun and catching up on our reading trying not to dose off and get cooked made up the rest of each day.

I actually took a timer and timed my sun exposure, being very fair skinned and not wanting to burn, so I  didn’t over do it.  The result was that my normally chicken white legs and body turned into one big mass of freckles.

SidArce 025

My wife on the other hand deepened her already beautiful tan  as you can see in the cheese cake photo above. Yeah guys, “I know; I’m a very lucky guy to have landed such a beautiful Senorita.”  I can sell more than real estate!

Well, let me get to the part of this article which tells you about how we managed to have this wonderful 4 days and three nights at world class resort, Mazatlan for just $533.09 USD.

Here’s a breakdown of our expenses:

Gasoline for round trip : 648 miles at 20 mpg at $2.19 USD per gallon = $71.15

Round Trip Toll Road fees = $95 USD

Hotel : 3 nights/4 days for two people = $270.94 USD

Food: 3 days at the resort area and drinks by the pool = Approx. $96 USD (We ate most meals at a nice open air restaurant called “Gus Gus” across from the hotel)

Total $533.09 USD

Could you spend more ? Yes, of course. You could also spend less!

So, if you ever wanted to escape our Lake Chapala Ajijic  paradise for a few days at least, to scratch your beach itch, it need not cost you the farm.

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