Test… Test.. This Is Only a Test !

January 9, 2009

Test… Test.. This Is Only a Test

If this had been a real emergency you would have been directed to another website.

First I want to Thank all of you who were kind enough to alert me to the fact that your automatic e mail notifications of new items on Chapala Club were not coming through either at all or only in part.

As I wrote some of you who thought it might be on your end, “The trouble is not with your set. We’re experiencing technical dificulties.”

This is the notice that used to appear on our old black and white TV sets in the 1950′s. You remember the 1950′s…. that was when the neighbors still knew each other, when crime was relatively low, when a family could afford to go to the movies or a ball game without taking out a loan.

Well, I think I may have found what’s gone wrong. So this is a short artcle to see if I’ve guessed correctly at the probably problem.


This was taken looking along the Costa Dorado in Mazatlan from the Hotel Costa de Oro
You see, the creators of the platform upon which ChapalaClub is built changed the platform. The result is that the new control panel I have to use is different than the one on which I was taught.

New Coke, New Math, and other New and Improved products come to mind.

So, please bear with me as I learn the new control panel (that’s the part you never see. Sort of like the Wizzard hiding behind the curtain pulling levers and pushng buttons to produce the desired effects on the outside of the curtain.

So, Lets see if this short test article will make it through the ether (I keep using these old terms don’t I. I guess I’m dating myself).

Now, since I don’t want more e mails than I can count flooding my inbox telling me you still are having problems or even that the problem has been solved; I’ve selected a couple of folks to assist me to see if this article comes through in whole, in part, or not at all.

I’ve included a photo in this Test Article taken last night as Arcelia and I dined in a very nice and surprisingly economical open air café  just across the highway from the beach hotels here in Mazatlan. She had shrimp and I had BBQ Ribs (It’s the Southern “Good Ole Boy”coming out in me. We like our BBQ Ribs.

Our meal with a rare mixed drink for each of us compete with tax and tip came to just $21 USD. Not bad for an evening meal at a nice place in a world famous resort.

So far Mazatlan is my favorite resort beach although I still like Tenacatita for a  more secluded beach escape.

All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

P.S. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

P.P.S. My copywriting courses all tell me to always have a PS for those who skip right to the end.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of folks scheduled to visit Lake Chapala Ajijic in the next few months so the the frequency of new articles may drop off some.

So, I encourage everyone to reivew the prior articles you may have missed along the way, Just click on the ARCHIVES button at the top of the home page and a “drop down box” will give you a long list of articles, news items, etc. that you may have missed, Just click on those you want to check out.

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