Dolores Hidalgo …. An Adventure

February 8, 2009

Dolores Hidalgo …. An Adventure

Dolores Hidalgo is between 280 and 305 miles from Lake Chapala Ajijic (depending upon the route you select), and makes a great adventure trip.

The drive is along winding mountainous roads which are not just beautiful, but have a hint of danger, which after all, is part of what makes the trip an adventure.

When you arrive at Dolores Hidalgo you have the impression that you just got out of your time machine and find yourself in an earlier century.

At the entrance to the town is a large statue of Father Miguel Hidalgo, who has been given credit for the historical start of the independence movement that culminated in the Mexican Revolution.

Almost every town of any size has a Calle or Avenida Hidalgo including both Chapala and Ajijic.

The “Grito de Dolores,”or the shout for independence “Mexicanos, viva Mexico!”  called “El Grito” is reenacted  all over Mexico with the official celebration  on September 16th which is Mexico’s Independence Day.

If you can time your trip for Independence Day , so much the better, but make your hotel reservations well in advance.

But there’s more to Dolores Hidalgo than history,

Mexican people love their country and are fiercely Independent, but one of the more everyday pleasures they love is ice cream.

Dolores Hidalgo is famous for its amazing variety of ice creams. Most vendors will have 50 or so flavors to choose from. Move over Baskin Robbins with your mere 32 flavors.

No, I’m not going to list all fifty flavors, but let me give you a “taste” of some of the more unique flavors.

There’s avocado, beer and tequila ice cream. Not sure these are for you. Try a free sample first. You may be surprised. Remember this is an adventure trip, right… so be adventuresome.

A good place to experience the ice creams of Delores Hidalgo is on a park bench in the plaza where between slurps  you can enjoy the manicured beauty of the gardens.

Across from the gardens is the Parroquia de Nuestra Senora de Dolores. This church is a historical monument, the place that Father Hidalgo gave his call to independence.

You can relive, vicariously at least, the times of the revolution at near by Museo de la Independencia Nacional.

OK, by now you must be hungry, if the ice cream didn’t totally satisfy; so sniff the air and let your nose do the walking to lead you to one of a number of nice nearby restaurants.

There’s the smell of the tantalizing pollo rostazado (roasted chicken) coming from a doorway, tacos from the street stands, and small Mom and Pop type restaurants as well as more upscale places to choose from.

OK, now it’s time to walk off lunch with a little shopping; even if it’s only ‘window shopping”.

The best bargains: There are absolutely super prices on the bright multicolored talavera pottery that is produced in the area.

The quality is first class and the prices are more like the prices you might find in a thrift store in North America.

Talavera plates, vases, lamps and figurines make excellent gifts, and you can wow your family and friends back home for not much dinero, as the prices are approximately 20%  of the prices for the same pieces in the USA..

To continue the shopping adventure you may want to visit the antique and furniture shops.  These shops often double as small factories and the quality is very good.

The furniture is hand made and you can have them create just what you want if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for.

The prices are so good that you will be tempted to buy a truckload and have it sent to your home here al Lake Chapala Ajijic or even to the United States or Canada.

If you do decide to ship anything please do your due diligence to find the most reputable shipping company.

I wouldn’t want your adventure to turn into a nightmare.

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