Lake Chapala and Ajijic: Let me count the ways I love you!

February 22, 2009

Lake Chapala and Ajijic: Let me count the ways I love you !

I’m attracted to you for your beauty and charm, but I love you for your hospitality and acceptance of others.

Chapala Jan 08 Christmas Scenes too 015

I love you for more practical reason too… I love you for your very, very low cost of living and more recently I love you because your banks aren’t foreclosing.. or for that matter closing.

I love you for allowing my pension to cover and more all my expenses like my health care, my insurance, my health are, my travel, my servants pay, my entertainment, my property upkeep, my utilities, my beautiful garden and my solidly built home.

I love you because when I see strangers on the street they greet me and each other with a friendly smile …and where crime is rare…

Yes, I said “Rare” despite what you read and hear about going on along the US Mexican Border.

Sometimes it seems we’re almost lost in a time warp here at Lake Chapala  Ajijic …except we have a Wal Mart and high speed Internet to remind us we’re just a click away from family and friends via e mail… or now with Vonage and Skype and other new systems we’re just a phone call away for pennies per call.

I love you because your middle class is growing and almost anyone can become rich.

I love you because my pension is going up faster than my costs of living are going up.

I love you because you’re changing your legal system to give more protection to your citizens and visitors alike.

I love you because as far as I can see, I will always be able to afford what to people in other countries think of as a lavish lifestyle with servants and dining out as often as I choose at nice restaurants or taking in a movie without taking out a loan.

I know dear readers that many of you are looking to ways to protect your future, to shelter you savings from a troubled economy.

Hacienda home

That’s why I hope you will consider all your options. The best option for me was right here at Lake Chapala – Ajijic Mexico.

You may not be ready to retire to our tropical like paradise, or you may say, “Sid, I’m ready, but I’m not sure I can pull it off.”

I’m not a financial planner and don’t pretend to give financial advice.

But. What  I can just tell you is that in the last 7 years since I moved to this area my pension has gone up only slightly but my cost of living has plummeted by close to 40%.

Things were already a bargain by North American standards at a ratio of 10 pesos per dollar, but as of February 2009 I get 14 pesos for a dollar or 40% more than before.

Will it last? Frankly, I don’t know. I personally hope things stabilize, because the more the disparity, the more Mexico has to pay for products imported from the USA.

So, you can benefit from the falling value of the peso, but please don’t think that by moving here you’re taking advantage of the people of Mexico.

Sid's Poperty Tax 2009

This is  my tax statement on my 3 Bedroom 3 bath house with a large yard and garden and lake and mountain views in a nice area. The statement is for 886 pesos or $63.28 USD per year.

Quite the contrary, you will be helping to support the local economy and providing needed jobs and paying taxes here (So little that North Americans brag about our low taxes… but every little bit helps).

So, think about making your own escape from bad weather, high taxes, falling home values, expensive medical care, and financial worry.

Over a century ago the  words of wisdom were “Go West Young Man Go West”. Now, here’s my words of wisdom  for you today. “Go South, Retired People, Go South Baby Boomers, Go South to Sunny Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico.”

By the way, when your ready to head South I’d be happy to be your guide to all things Lake Chapala Ajijic. Just send me an internet  smoke signal via or beat out the following  rhythm on your Tom Tom Telephone 1 – 877 514 1396

Siempre tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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