Mexico Myths Busted !

March 15, 2009

Mexico Myths Busted Hi Everyone, Well, it's review time. I spend a good part of my time teaching, telling, and explaining the basics living a retirement life in Mexico, and more particularly about our wonderful life here at Lake Chapala, Ajijic, Mexico. I ran across the below video recently and since it does a good job of busting many of the commonly held beliefs about Mexico" I wanted you to have the chance to see it. If you have questions that the short video doesn't answer that you may be wondering about please let me know either by e mail to or by leaving a comment below in the comments section. If you want to chat by telephone send me your telephone number and the best time to call you in the evening hours (be sure and include your time zone) and we'll bust a few myths together. Enjoy the video, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Mary Kelley

    I am very seriously considering retiring to Ajicjic Chapala
    area, and am looking for the most Info. I can find. I am very active, but am on oxygen. Liquid oxygen here. Is there medical services that deliver it to refill the tank, and would my insuranses pay there, or would the medical services there insure me, with a pre existing problem. I am sure since you all are retired there, surely someone is on oxygen, but this would be the deal breaker for me if not. I am excited about this. I am just trying to get all the info I can. Thanks
    Mary Melley

  • Laurel Williams

    Hello Sid, Thanks so much for offering your information service to all of us who are considering the big move to Lake Chapala. I will be down there for the month of June to do more information gathering.

    I would like to know if there are qualified chiropractors in the town of Ajicjic. My back locks up at times. Also who would be the best agents to contact for renting a casita for the month of June? Your information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Laurel, Thanks for the nice words about Glad you’re planning a check us out in person trip.

    Yes, our area has trained chiropractors and probably at substantial savings from what you’re paying now. My wife goes to one from time to time in Chapala where a treatment works out to $7 USD. The place is first come first served and stays busy. I’ve never seen a North American being treated there and no English is spoken, but obviously the price is right.

    There’s no MLS for rentals whihc means that it;s best t contact a number of them when you arrive. Most of the larger Real Estate Offices have rental departments (in the hope of eventually selling you a home).

    If and when you’re ready to buy a home here of course I’d like to offer my Exclusive Buyer Only Services. You should have someone in your corner looking after your best interests.

    Once you arrive you should check out the various area bulletin boards (especially the one at the Lake Chapala Society) as you may very well find a good rental there direct from the owner.

    Look me up when you arrive. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Bob (BJ) Drasner

    Where are these bulletin boards? Exactly … Especially the Lake Chapala bulletin board. I’ll be down in a few weeks to do my initial exploritory and found excellent driving directions from Laredo through Monterey and on down to Lake Chapala. I am in the Brownsville, South Padre Island area and was hoping to cross at Matamoros … but have zero experience getting to Monterey that way. Any light you can shed would be very helpful especially the details, and contact information of the hotels where YOU have stayed along the way. Please forward my e-mail address to Laurel Williams … I wanted to discuss what they dicovered / learned in their trip.

    Bob (BJ) Drasner

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your comments. There are bulletin boards all around the area. The best is at the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic. Only members can post, but everyone can enjoy the board.

    I’ve never driven here from Padre Island. but my guess would be to enter Mexico at Laredo. There are number of good miles by mile type routes on line beginning at Laredo and on to Chapala.

    Hopefully Laurel Williams will read you post and ask you for your email address or post her own. Everyone should be aware that when you post your email on this forum that it becomes open for anyone to copy and send you e mails including SPAM. We weed out hundreds of posts and do not publish them because they’re really just spam wanted to sell you guys something. So, we don’t provide any posters other posters e mails for everyone’s privacy.

    Thanks for everyone’s understanding on this policy. Tu amigo, Sid

  • Bob (BJ) Drasner

    Where exactly is the Lake Chapala Society? How about some directions … I will be coming south to the lake and didn’t want to wander around trying to find it or the B&B. Is there a local map availabe that point out the important places for the Newbee? That would be VERY helpful!
    Bob Drasner

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bob,

    The Lake Chapala Society is located at 16 de Septiembre 16-A, Ajijic, Jalisco, MX

    Here’s a link to the Lake Chapala Society

    Here’s a link to the map section of our local MLS website. Most maps show the LCS which is just a few blocks South from the Ajijic Plaza.

    Other maps are available in local store here. I also have a basic area map I’ll send to you by snail mail gratis if you send me an e mail to with your street address in North America.

    Be sure to put MAP as the subject line, because I don;t want to miss your e mail.

    AND, if anyone else reading this post you can do the same and I’ll send you a free map as well.

    Offer limited to the first 25 e mails I get asking for a map.

    Remember, MAP as the subject matter and an address in North America.

    PS. I promise not to send an unsolicited information to your address and we don’t sell, trade or give away your address.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Again Bob and others looking for a good B and B.

    Here’s a link to three really good ones.

    One of these is immediately adjacent to the Lake Chapala Society (Las Estrellitas)The Little Stars.

    BY the way we never take referral fees from our recommendations. We solicit your feedback for any of the businesses we recommend. If we get too many bad reports they come off our list.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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