Why Do I Have Four Ford Explorers Here at Lake Chapala?

April 22, 2009

Why Do I Have Four Ford Explorers Here at Lake Chapala?

First let me put your mind at rest. Many people here do not have a car at all, let alone four of them.

They get along just fine by walking, using the bus or an occasional taxi… both of which are plentiful and inexpensive.

But, it’s nice to have a car even if you don’t need to use it a lot.

But I confess,  It’s true, I have four Ford Explorers. I’ve always liked Fords. My first car was a 1940 Ford and it was a great car. I probably chose it as our family car had also been a 1940 Ford.

But for you Chevy fans out there I’ve also owned a few Chevy’s too, and a long string of Cadillacs including a 1967  powder blue Convertible; and at least two Jaguar sport cars one of which I still own, not to mention 3 Toyotas, 3 Hondas, and even a Fiat Roaster.


Before moving to Lake Chapala I had to sell 10 of the eleven cars I had accumulated over the years.

I also have owned a total of 5 VW bugs and a VW Transporter(bus) and other assorted cars and trucks too numerous to mention here.

So, you get the idea right. I love cars. Yes, ladies I’ve heard the saying, “The difference between men and boys are  the price of their toys.”.

You know what we all do, but don’t like to admit. We buy on emotion and then justify with logic to convince ourselves we’ve made the right decision.

OK, so here’s my rationalization for just why I have 4 Ford Explorers.

Why Ford Explorers. First, they are really a Ford Truck with a car body which means they can take a licking and keep on ticking on the cobblestone streets I’m on most days and sometimes all day helping clients to find the perfect home for them at just the right price.

I also have to drive on the back roads at times showing ranch properties or development land so I need a vehicle that can handle the rough country roads and wade through shallow streams while keeping my feet dry.

And, even with the best mechanics it’s nice to have dealership parts available when needed and there are at least seven Ford Dealers in nearby Guadalajara for parts.

Why four Explorers? Well, my sweetheart wife brought one of them into our marriage and I had driven one here from Texas loaded to the gills with all my must have stuff.

Then, after we married and began to live at Lake Chapala I saw the need for “back up” vehicles. Why would we need two back ups you ask.

The answer is simple: We each must have a separate back up because she takes clients on day tours all around the Lake Chapala area and if her primary Explorer ( a very nice Eddie Bauer 6 passenger luxury version) is in the shop, she doesn’t have to disappoint her clients because the car had to have repairs.

And, since I also help visitors by giving local tours of homes, villages, and North shore towns I also need a back up so I don’t disappoint my clients.


Fortunately we have a large protected parking area behind our tall walls and so we have room for all four Explorers.

So, there you have it my justification for having four Ford Explorers.

Now, let me recommend that you come down to Explore our wonderful area for yourself…. With a little help from your friends:

Sid, “The Lake Chapala Information Guy” and Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtor looking out for your best interests.  Get a free area tour and rolling seminar, but book a time early because I don’t want you to miss out on all the cool tings I have in store for you…

And, “Arcelia  (R Say Lee ah) The Guide Lady” with day tours to all the hot spots in and near Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque, Tonala and much more. Personalized tours and shopping trips at prices too low to print here for up to 6 people for the price of one.


We’ll keep the light on for you… and the car warmed up.

  • Gloria

    Do you have driving directions; crossing the border at Eagle Pass????

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Gloria, I think I may have. I promise to do a computer search on my various computers to see if I can find the route I used the last time I crossed at Eagle Pass (which is not often) and either post the route here or send it to yu by e mail.

    One nice thing I recall taking the Eage Pass crossing is that the place where you get your car import sticker is at the second check point about 20 miles or so inside Mexico. I already had my import sticker, but my point is it was right on the route and easy to find unlike the place in Nuevo Laredo which is a bit tricky to find.

    Another good thing about crossing at Eagle PAss is that you by pass Monterrey without having to pay a toll to get by it. Never go into Monterrey unless your objective is to visit Monterrey. I once had to pay a taxi driver to lead me out of the core ofd the city to the highway headed South.

    Note: If you ever do wander into a large Mexican city and are hopelessly lost this is a good trick. Hail a taxi and negotiate a fare for him to lead you out to the highway you want, but be sure and only give him half the negotiated amount and the other half after you arrive at the highway.

    Hope this helps a little. Perhaps others will share their Eagle Pass Crossing… or ou can also check the Web Board link on the Home Page of ChapalaClub.com and that forum will likely have someone who has a good route plan for you. Sid

  • Steven Coate

    My wife Tammy and I love UR video’s and editorials.
    One day we hope to visit Lake Chapala area and you are a must see.

    Again keep EM coming.


  • http://www.ChapalaClub.com Sid

    Hi Steve, I really appreciate your nice words. Glad you like the videos and editorials.

    Yes, I look forward to meeting you guys in person, but please let me know as far in advance as you can because I want to be sure and schedule time to be with you.

    Sometimes there’s not enough of me to go around and I hate that. So please continue to stay in touch and I’ll do the same. Thanks again for the nice words. Sid

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