How Much Does an Emergency Ambulance Call Cost at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

July 25, 2009

How Much Does an Emergency Ambulance Call Cost at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

I ran across the below Blog Comment on a local Ex Pat’s blog  (Jack and Judy Kelly) which I’ve quoted below. I don’t know these fine folks, but they are definitely the kind of friends to have.

“Monday, June 29, 2009

Emergency situation

I was walking out of the local Mexican super market (Soriana Mercado) and noticed a friend of Judy’s that we know from the American Legion sitting on the bench near the door.

She was obviously having some kind of problem breathing. I then remembered she has emphysema and the closer I got the more I realized she was in trouble. One of my bags was a pair of jeans that I had bought and it made a good pillow for her to lay down.

As soon as she was lying down we came to the attention of the security guard. He immediately called the police and the cruz roja (red cross).

The cruz roja provides ambulance and emergency service for free and is funded only by donations. Everybody was great. The ambulance crew immediately gave her oxygen and loaded her up and took off for their emergency room.

I had called Judy and she and the lady’s friend showed up at the same time. The friend went to the cruz roja and everything worked out fine. The oxygen did the trick.

They kept her there, hydrated her, scolded her for not drinking enough water and let her go home. She called us later that night to thank us.

Thank goodness for the good emergency care we have here.

Posted by Jack and Judy Kelly at 7:31 PM  

And.. Thanks for having friends like Jack and Judy Kelly.

The nice thing is that we expats look after each other here… and the Mexican people are wonderful to help us out too as you can see from the above post.

  • bobkat

    the new city express hotel in san luis potosi, does it take credit cards and what about dogs?

  • The Dahls

    Hola Sid!
    What a great piece! Not only informative but also good to know, as most people considering the move, are concerned about this and other medical issues after the move!
    Also read the other companion pieces.. Thanks for the great info!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Dick and Linda, Thanks for your very nice comments. I try to provide articles on all those things I would want to know if I were considering a move here. SOme sites are all about “buying real estate” and trying to sell the visitors a home here when most site visitors don’t even know if the area is right for them, let alone a particle property.

    I try to include information on how we Ex Pats live our lives here and provide articles and insights about living, working, and playing here at Lake Chapala Mexico.

    I report. You decide… if our area is right for you.

    Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bobkat, Thanks for your question. Perhaps some of our members will know the answer to you question. I don;t know the answer, but if Ican find the answer I’ll post it here.

    A suggestion is to ask the same question on the web board which you can access from the home page on the right hand column of our home page here at

    My guess is that even if they take credit cards they may make a surcharge for accepting the credit card payment.

    Some people follow the don’t ask, don’t tell rule when stopping overnight at hotels when they are traveling with their furry friends. That is, they don’t ask if pets are OK and they don;t mentiuon they have a pet with them.

    They report to me that they often will park out of view of the office, ask for a room at the rear of the complex away from “road noise” and then drive to the rear of the hotel lot and watch for the “coast to be clear” and then they take their fury friend inside.

    This would work well if you pet is well mannered and quiet and a good traveler.

    The Mexican people are basically very non confrontational and even if the clerk notices a pet they will be unlikely to challenge you about it (unless the rules are very strict).

    You could always offer a “pet deposit” if you get challenged.

    I’m not advocating doing this, but just reporting what others have done.

    Hope you find the answer you’re looking for. Thanks, Sid

  • Thomas Hellyer

    Sid, Thanks for this article. The Chapala area Red Cross provides an essential and vital service to all of us that live here, natives and expats alike. And as you alluded, the Red Cross survives on donations alone. There is a website that provides lots of great information in English and also allows one to make online donations using the secure paypal form. We all hope that we will never need to personally use the Red Cross’ services, but it is nice to know that it is there when you need it!


  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Thomas, Thanks so much for sharing the link for the Cruz Roja site. It’s one of my personal favorite charities here at Lake Chapala as they help the entire community. Simepre tu amigo, Sid

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