Love in Action at Lake Chapala!

August 15, 2009

What is Love in Action?

If you’ve been a member of Chapala Club for very long you’ve probably read several articles about Love in Action.

But in case you missed these articles or want to know even more about this wonderful organization please read on.

Love in Action is located at Lake Chapala, Mexico and provides a home where children who have suffered neglect or were in a  high-risk environment are placed  by the Mexican government so the Love in Action folks can provide them a temporary and safe shelter.

They presently house over 50 children with ages ranging from 6 months to 17 years old. In addition they provide day care services for single mothers from the neighborhood.


Anabel Frutos, the founder of the Love in Action Center, is a native of Mexico, born in Guadalajara under impoverished circumstances. She and her husband, Raul now live in a poorer district in the town of Chapala, Mexico.

Anabel was aware of the great needs and poverty around her and felt she needed to respond. In 2001 a feeding program was  established from her carport for children from the neighborhood. The original group soon began bringing their siblings and friends and then their mothers as well, and a parenting class was added to this weekly event.

One day Anabel counted over one hundred people in her house and yard and realized that a more permanent solution must be found. Armed with her determination and faith in God, she found an old pottery manufacturing shop that consisted of a number of small buildings. A step of faith was taken to secure a piece of property where people from the area could come to be fed and encouraged. Thus Love In Action was born.

Mexican Government Recognition

LIA is recognized by the State of Jalisco as an AC (Association Civil), which is a non -profit organization. It is recognized by the Jalisco DIF (Sistema Nacional para el

DesoRallo Intregal de la Familia ) as well.

The DIF places children with LIA for care, as does the municipality of Chapala. Even though LIA is an officially recognized institution, LIA receives no funding from the government.

LIA also receives children directly from parents no longer able to care for them for personal or financial reasons.

Working hand in hand with the Love in Action staff there are a group of mostly retirees who go by the title of Godparents who do their part in bringing joy to children in need.

What are the responsibilities of Godparents ?

Godparents are residents of the Chapala Lakeside area, who wish to sponsor a child & spend a little time with them.

Financially they contribute to the child’s school expenses, and buy them some clothes and personal items. In addition Godparents  participate in the child’s birthday and Christmas.


Godparents try and take their  child on an outing at least once a month, while the Godparents are in residence in Mexico. Sometimes the Godparents get together with other Godparents and their sponsored children for group fun too.

What Are Sponsors ?

Sponsors are non-residents and residents that wish to sponsor a child, but are not able to spend time with them.

They contribute to the child’s education expense, clothing expense, and also contribute for birthday and Christmas gifts.

The Godparents Mission

To provide a guiding force in the children’s lives through quality relationships between Godparents and children. To sponsor their schooling, and  additional programs which provide for individual  challenges to each child, both academically and socially,

The group’s mission is to provide within each child the hope of realizing his or her individual dreams, a desire for learning and living, and a sense of gratitude and respect for others.

Someone famous once said, “You never stand so tall as when you stoop to help a child.”

Here’s a short video history of Love in Action

Click to go to the Love in Action Website to learn more about how you too can make a difference in a child’s life.

  • David Krug

    Thanks for sharing Im still learning so much about Chapala I hope to move back down their in the next 3 months. The joys of Mexico returned.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi David, Glad you’re enjoying learning more about Lake Chapala Ajijic. I look forward to helping you fulfill your dream
    of moving back to Lake Chapala. Let me know when I can help. Sid

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