Diamonds, Diamonds, and More Diamonds at Lake Chapala Ajijic

September 12, 2009

Diamonds, Diamonds, and More Diamonds at Lake Chapala Ajijic

When we use the word “Diamond” we may be thinking about a small lump of the purist of carbon which has undergone immense natural or artificial pressure such that it becomes one of the hardest substances on earth.

When properly cut and polished it becomes a beautifully brilliant thing to behold said to be “A girl’s best friend”.

Since a diamond represents a thing of great worth the name has been applied to everything from the new Sony ladies cell phone to all manner of things with high value…. Such as “The Original Diamonds”  in this video.

I really liked this video and I hope you enjoyed it too. I had to put on my “thinking cap” to find a way to use it in this article..

Now I want to  tell you about over 700 Diamond’s we have right here at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico. I’m referring to of course the  over 700 listings of homes and lots you can find right here at the following link to our Multiple Listing Website.

It’s a real “diamond mine” just waiting for you to discover your very own diamond of a home or lot.  You can do it. I can help!

Admittedly,  some of the properties listed on the above MLS site may not, at first blush appear as a Beautiful Diamond of a Home.

However, upon closer inspection, many of these will be found to be “diamonds in the rough” which, with a little cleaning and polishing or even a bit of cutting here and there will reveal the inner, beautiful nature of the property, lying just below the surface.

The cost of polishing these gems is much less than the same work would be in the USA or Canada too.

To find your Diamond property or Your Diamond in the Rough property you can count on me to be your “Lake Chapala Ajijic Certified Property Gemologist”.

My job is to help you find just the right Gem of Home or Lot within your budget constraints… and of course to keep you from buying a piece of paste or even a cupric zircon thinking it’s a diamond.

Your Diamond of a property can be  FOREVER !

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jan, I’m not sure the percentage of rentals that accept pets, but many home owners who rent thgeir homes while in the USA or Canada likely will have pets and would likely allow pets (especially if you put up a pet deposit.) Homes here mostly have tile floors which of course would not absorb pet odors.

    You may have trouble given that you want to bring two dogs and on e at least is a larger breed.

    I’d contact several rental agencies in advance or better yet is to fly down for a short visit and find a rental that would allow your furry friends.

    The Lake Chapala Society Bulletin Board has lots of rentlas on their bulletin board today when I visited.

    I didn’t look at the individaul ads so don;t know how many, if any, were willing to accept pets..

    I suspect that these individual owners if you contacted them personally would be more likely to accept your pets with a little persuasion from you as opposed to trying t deal through an agency.

    PM me to before you call or e mail any of the rental agencies for some tips on how to deal withe the rental agencies.

    Hope this helps. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

Email for more information:

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