Open the Door to a New Better Life: Come live at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico !

September 19, 2009

Open the Door to a New Better Life!

I ran across the below video recently and thought it embodied almost everything I love about Mexico. So, take just over 3 minutes from your busy life to watch this great video…its food for your eyes, ears and soul.

It may just open the door to a new and better life for you!

Earlier I said the video, that I hope you just watched; embodied almost everything about Mexico I love. What the video didn’t cover is the vibrant, diverse, and satisfying lifestyle those of us who have chosen to live here, either full or part, time enjoy.

Some folks come here because they want to live a much better lifestyle (almost the lifestyle of the rich and famous but on a pension). Even the people who can afford to live an elegant lifestyle anywhere in the world are choosing to live right here at Lake Chapala Ajijic, Mexico.

The combination of the excitement of a living in a different country with perfect weather, and low prices is great all by itself… but then throw in the fact that we need not give up what we love and cherish about our own culture due to a growing number of Americans, Canadians and Europeans who have found a home here and I can think of no place on the planet I would rather live.

So, Mexico is not just for vacation, beaches and souvenirs anymore, as nice as those things are.

Now, it’s the door to living an International Retirement lifestyle either full or part time.

You’re at the door, Just knock and we’ll invite you to come into our little slice of paradise to share with you what we love.

You can do it. Our Club members and I can help. Post your questions or comments below or call or e mail me now (while it’s on your mind) so it will really happen and not remain just a dream for someday. USA and Canada Toll Free  1 -877 514 1396

Someday … can be today, right now. The choice is yours.

  • Mary

    Can Canadians bring drug prescriptions from our Cdn. doctors & have them filled at any Farmacia in the Chapala area?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Mary, Thanks for your question. As far as I know YES if they have the medication or can get it.

    The exception may be a prescription for a narcotic or controlled substance type prescription which in all probability would need a prescription from a Mexican Doctor.

    Except for the narcotic type drugs you don’t need a prescription. So, you can just bring a lists of your meds (or the bottles) and they can look up the name used here in Mexico.

    Some meds here are more expensive, some about the same, and many less expensive.

    I once had a client who could not believe how inexpensive his meds were and he bought a whole lot (I hope he did OK at the border) of his meds and told me he saved over $1,000 USD and more than paid for his entire trip.

    Thanks again for your question. Sid

  • Mary

    Many thanks, for your input, Sid – you’re doing an awsome job for new-comers! Mary

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Mary, Thanks for the at ah boy ! You made my day. Sid

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