September 5, 2009


February 23, 1940  -   September 2, 2009

Our dear friend Peggy Griffith, 69, passed away on September 2, 2009, at the Casita del Lago assisted living facility in Jaltepec, Lake Chapala, Mexico.  She struggled and fought valiantly against the cancer that finally consumed her.

Born in Orange, California, Peggy was adventurous, to say the least.  She also lived in Oregon, Washington State, Florida, S. Carolina, U.S. Virgin Islands, and almost seven years in Mexico.  She never did realize her dream of visiting Africa.  She worked as a cocktail waitress, bookkeeper, swimming instructor, llama groomer, and was game to try anything.  Over the years, she sent me various “things about me” emails.  Her favorite color was RED.  She loved salami on a bolillo (roll), shrimp, anything Mexican, iced tea, vodka & tonic, and anything chocolate.  In her own words:  “My philosophy, which is ground in stone within my heart, is that ‘You only go around once, so grab all them brass rings.’ Also, the adage of ‘Life isn’t a rehearsal’ fits me to a T.”   “I have raised afghan hounds, llamas, and Irish Setters…I can knit, sew, scuba dive, do stained glass, decorate homes ‘til the cows come home, design and direct the building of two of my own homes…I burned my bra in the 60’s and a bunch of other stuff.”  About her son, Alan, she said, “…He does me proud each and every day.”  She didn’t realize how true this comment about her brother, Steve, would be:  “As a kid I thought he should have been drowned, but as time goes by he gets to be better and better.”

The Lakeside Animal Shelter was dear to her heart.  If you would like to make a donation “In Memory of Peggy Griffith”  checks (or cash if you are there) should be made out to Animal Shelter, A.C. and can be mailed from out of the country to  Animal Shelter, A.C, Hidalgo #212, Riberas del Pilar, Chapala, Jalisco, CP 45900, Mexico Telephone (from US):  011-52-376-765-5514.  Not able to accept online donations.

Peggy is survived by her son Alan (Susan) Griffith; brother, Steve Hanna; three granddaughters, Summer Alexis, Kelly Marie, and Jessica; grandson, Christian; her dogs, Gaby, Annie, and Kahlua – and Sebastian, who predeceased her by a few days, and her many loving friends. In particular, we wish to acknowledge the efforts of the many friends in and around Ajijic, Mexico, who accompanied her to doctors, translated, prepared food, kept her company, lent her DVDs, and made innumerable visits to assist her in her greatest times of need.  In particular, her brother Steve spent several months caring for her and gave her a superb gift (she was thrilled!) of a Honda Passport – though we will always remember her as the wacky gal in the yellow, hippie “HAIR” VW bus.

Condolences: Alan and Susan Griffith, 1546 North 1250 East, Mapleton, UT 84664. and/or Stephen M. Hanna, 4411 Ambrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Prepared by Sandy Kramer

Sid’s Comment

I did not have the privilege to know this fine lady, but wanted to share the above information with those Club Members, who already live here at Lake Chapala Ajijic and may not have heard about Peggy’s passing..

  • Bud


    I did a search on bus/public transportation on the webboard and got 200 very uninformative results-mostly posts with the words public and transportation in them but not specific to the object of the search. Can you point us to some report on the public transportation system amongst the north shore communities, to Guad., their frequency, length of trip and cost.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bud, The Bus Station in downtown Chapala has buses that go to all the towns along the NOrth SHore of Lake Chapala at very low fares.

    They also have regular buses both Express and Local that go to Guadalajara about every 45 minutes. The Express bus is I think 30 pesos and the local to Guadalajara is 25 pesos if memory serves.

    I alawys take the next bus that’s leaving for Guadalajara whether it’s the local or Express. The local of course takes a little longer, but you get to see the towns along the way and it costs less.

    I’ve taken the local and arrived in Guad. before the Express bus that left after my local bus left.

    If you want to connect in Guad. with long distance buses to other cities in Mexico you will have to hop a cab from the downtown station where the CHapala bus arrives and go to the big bus station outside of Guad. on the road to Tonala and connect there to all the other cross country buses.

    Hope this helps. Sid

Email for more information:

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