What You Have to Give Up to Live at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico

September 5, 2009

I get this question a lot. Most folks know the good stuff about living in Lake Chapala Mexico like the very low cost of living, the great weather, the almost unbelievably low taxes, and the gentle caring local people.

It all sounds so great that it’s hard to believe it could be so perfect… and thus the question, “OK Sid, what do I have to give up to live at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico?

They may think that they have to give up shopping at upscale malls, the Big Box stores, High speed Internet, access to a large English Language library or their favorite TV programs from back home … or ______ (fill in the blank).

No, we have all those things and more. Ready, here’s the answer I always give… “You Have to Give Up Stress.”

Life moves at a different pace here,  there are more important things to our Mexican hosts than living life by the clock, or worrying too much about tomorrow. So, we must learn to live in the moment, to enjoy the “now” of our lives.

We learn that taking a moment to watch the smiling faces of children playing in a park as we walk by on our morning stroll gives us a good feeling and we smile inwardly…

or as a friend confided to me today when I asked what he liked to do when not working on one of his home remodeling projects: “I like to sit here and watch the changing cloud formations.”

Las Palmas home 2

He enjoys simply sitting on his beautiful covered veranda in Las Fuentes and marveling at the constantly changing unique cloud patterns which form and glide past the summit of Mt. Garcia clearly visible looming up on the South side of the lake from his hill top home.

So, we become much more in tune with the rhythms of nature …

Like the setting sun as the birds twitter about seeking just the right place to spend the night and then awakening early the next morning and greeting the day and us with their songs that float through our open bedroom windows reminding us that morning is here.

Sure beats waking up to a blaring clock radio !

Then there’s the ever changing vista of Lake Chapala from its usual serene and peaceful face to at times a bit of an angry face as a thunderstorm starts to form in the distance and head our way climaxing in an awe inspiring, crackling light show for an evening’s presentation of the raw power of nature…..

Or, waking up to the smell of fresh bread baking from a nearby village panderia which glides into our home on the morning breeze…

Or, perhaps it’s the clip clop sound of a passing horse’s hoofs on the cobbled stoned street that runs by our home… making an early delivery.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that adjusting to a stress free life for me was not as easy as it is for most of the folks who come here to live.

Before I came here to live full time over 8 years ago, a 60 plus hour week for me was pretty standard. And, even though I loved my work then, as I do now, I definitely was not stress free.

The scientists tell us that stress can be a killer.  I’ve know people who died prematurely who were clearly high stress individuals. The overt cause may have been a heart attack, but I believe that their high stress lifestyle was at the very least a contributing factor.

So, you must leave your stress North of the Border. Lake Chapala Ajijic is a NO STRESS ZONE.

Am I totally stress free? Well, no … but I’m almost there. I have the reputation of being related to the Energizer Bunny, but I’ve learned to switch off and recharge my batteries.

The way I do it is to “Live in the Now”.

LIving in the Now

I’ve even written an essay that will soon be published in a book of essays all about “Living in the Now” in which authors like Dr. Wayne W. Dyer and other well know types share our personal stories of inspiration and revelation; but more on that in another article.

So, why wait to begin to reduce the stress in your life. Plan a trip to see just how we do it here at Lake Chapala Ajijic. Listen, if  Sid (the Energizer Bunny’s brother) can do it… anybody can.

I’ve even found a video to get you started. Take the next 5 minutes and 12 seconds and watch the below video.

Then pick up the telephone or write me an e mail and say… “Sid, I’m ready to Switch Off Stress in my life.”

Now, if you’ve already learned to switch off stress without pills or too much strong drink… come on down too and help teach those who haven’t learned how yet.

You’ll have the perfect environment in which to do it that’s for sure.

OK, Here’s that video I promised. Enjoy !

  • Janis Lee

    Aloha Sid , Your old friend Janis, Here I still sit waiting to get of the Islands, funny so many people saying that now days, Mostly locals who can no longer live in such and expensive place, The millionaires must be thrilled, the roads are far less covered with tourist or locals,Businesses are closing at a rate I would never believe in all my life.A chain of food stores on Oahu ,the main Island opened early 50′s closed yesterday, and the for lease signs on all Islands is mind blowing.That is what happens when these investors that see greed only come somewhere, they no nothing about, the people or why the tourists come, for the beauty, pave paradise and put up a parking lot, sounds like a old song to me.But that is what happened Maui lost the charm, the wide open spaces,Traffic jams, and now the developers cannot even get their loans to finish the giant resorts they have already started.I saw this coming, And i new the tourist would no longer find Maui beautiful, with wide open spaces, such a sad end.They still think the Islands will recover, I hope it does, but I have my doubts,once a place gets this expensive, you rarely see it drop prices to what the general population can afford.They only wanted the rich tourist, spoken to me by one of the huge developers, said the poor guy only frequents MacDonald’s and now they have nothing.Hope I can see you sometime soon.If I can ever get out of here. Aloha Janis Lee

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Janis, Good to hear from you. Yes,I guess Hawaii seems to have taken a bigger hot than the rest of the USA. Mexico too has taken a hit.

    However I’m selling homes to people from the USA who went ahead and took a paper loss on their homes to sell them there and they came down to Lake Chapala and got a great deal. In their cases more than enough better to make up for the hit they took on selling in the USA and Canada. The dollar may be weak in Europe but it stornger than ever here at Lake Chapala Mexico.

    Thanks for staying in touch Janis. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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