Aw Shucks !

October 3, 2009

I’ve always loved cowboys like Roy Rogers. Good cops like Sgt. Joe Friday, Super Heroes like Superman, good attorney’s like Perry Mason and other good guy types.

JOe Friday

These people real or fictional along with my strict, but loving Dad, and my understanding Mom… and


My great Grade School teachers like Mrs. Fife, Mrs. Torence, Mrs. Day and others;

Sid Cowboy 002

and then on eventually to the Dallas Police Department where I had role models like Chief Frank Dyson and Chief Billy Prince and others

Lt. Sid

and at SMU Law School where I studied under and admired Professor Steel and other great professors …

they are all part of who I was, am, and going to be.

Why am I telling you all of this? Simply because I want to honor all of the above people and so many others that space doesn’t permit me to list as setting the example for me,  giving me the courage to do what’s right, and above all  teaching me to treat people with dignity and respect.

It’s these values and training that are so deep within me that they are now and forever will be part of me,  and because of all of them that I receive such wonderful , notes, e mails spoken words, and testimonial letters (like the one below) from people with whom I have contact on a purely personal level or a business level or as usually is the case on both levels like my friends, Deanne and Bruce Barber.

Dear Sid,

I hope you will post this on your web page because I don’t think the average person reading about your services realize all that you do in helping people find a new home in Mexico.  We have told all our friends about all the extra services you provide and they were amazed.  I told them how you:

Patiently stuck with us over a two year period until we finally figured out what we wanted.

You never once made us feel rushed and even encouraged us to take our time and be patient.

You helped us find the perfect home - within our budget.  A beautiful house, fully furnished.

With any Realtor I have ever met that’s the end of the story but NOT with Sid Grosvenor.

THEN - you agreed to act for us with a power of attorney so we would not have to return to Mexico to sign the papers.

You made sure that even though we were not there, that the closing went smoothly and any little “bumps” were taken care of.

You checked the house to make sure everything was working before you signed the final papers.

You had the telephone transferred to our name so when we arrive we will have a phone.

You made sure the gardener would remain at his job until we return.  You advised us that we had 28 days to decide if we want him to be our gardener or we wanted to find someone else (I would never have known this).

You will be there when we return -  to help us get the internet up and running.

You will help us settle in and guide us through any difficulties we might run into.

Thank you Sid, for taking away any stress and worry we might have had related to our buying a home in Mexico.   Without you this would have been an entirely different experience.


Bruce & Deanne Barber

  • javier loza

    Dear SID Im a mexican living in LAS VEGAS NV. Im planing to go back to mexico my family is from gdl,but i like to go and live in chapala or ajijic in that area I want to rent a house and open a busissnes of auto detailing to service all our foreign friend that live there.

    This is the only site where i find information about it,Isubscribe to your site to recive e-mail can you help me with more info.

    My e-mail is

    thank you


  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Javiar, Thanks for your comment.

    I’m not sure just how many Mexican citizens have returned to our area after living for extended periods in the USA, but a number have. I can think of at least 2 large auto repair places and one carwash/detailing shop whose owners have done just that, but there are probably more.

    They all seem to be doing very well. Of course a big reason is that the language barrier goes away. Also returning Mexican citizens have adapted to the North American business model and the part of the Mexican culture that most North Americans have a hard time adjusting to here.

    I’m referring to the different concept of doing things on time …because ‘on time’ has different emphasis in the Mexican culture compared to North American culture. Even though almost all of the North Americans here are retired and most have adapted to the different in emphasis on time they still tend to favor the businesses that treat time more like in North American.

    Send me an e mail to with any specific questions you have and I’ll do my best to answer them for your. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

    Your housing expense will likely be less here to rent or to buy than in Guadalajara becuase that’s where the jobs are.

    Some large developments are being constructed with Mexican commuters in mind near Jocotepec and a bypass is under construction that will allow these future commuters to pass by Jocotepec to the get to the main Federal Highway that goes to Guadalajara from the West end of Lake Chapala.

Email for more information:

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