What ‘s Kindle and What Should You Know About It?

October 25, 2009

First, if you’re not familiar with “Kindle” here’s a great video that tells you all about it. IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING ! That’s why ChapalaClub.com is available on Kindle now.

Click this sentence to find ChapalaClub.com’s Kindle version today


One more thing you should be aware of about the Kindle. There’s a USA only version and there’s a soon to be released International Version.

The International version will initially only be available in the smaller size and is scheduled to be available in late October 2009.

I’m putting the International Version on my “Wish List” but plan to wait for the larger screen version before I buy my own.

I’m thinking that the International version (assuming it will allow web access) would be a way to have transportable High Speed internet access anywhere (even without a computer).

I’ll try to stay up to speed as things develop to keep you posted.

  • Bill Heffron

    Hi Sid…I have been reading your columns faithfully.
    You are providing so much valuable info to a first time visitor to Ajijic and Lake Chapala. I really appreciate the Chapala Club newsletters.
    One question that I have not yet found an answer for is: What do the toll fees from Laredo to Ajijic cost and are these payable in US dollars or pesos?

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bill, Thanks for the very kind words and your good question. I think I’ve mentioned the tolls in some dated articles on Driving here from Laredo. The tolls are no low by USA standards. I would guess now they would total around $80 USD. I’ll be taking a trip to LAredo soon and will keep up with the tolls to see what current rates are now. Sometimes I see the toll booths with a sign payable in dollars.

    I would not risk it. I think even if they accepted your dollars that the exchange rate would not be good and they may not even be able to break a larger bill. Change dollars for pesos just before you cross the bridge in Laredo Texas. There are about 2 or 3 places on the right hand side of the road immediately before you’re committed to crossing the bridge. I’ve found the rates at these places to be fair.
    Thanks again for the nice words. Sid

  • Bill Heffron

    Thanks, Sid!


  • Just Looking

    “would be a way to have transportable High Speed internet access anywhere (even without a computer).”

    Sid, Coverage in the Lake Chapala area is Edge/GPRS mobile data coverage…not anywhere near high speed. Thinking that you can use it to surf the web is missing the point and is very limited and speed, compatibility and function. The Kindle International model will allow people living/traveling abroad to subscribe and read most major US/Canadian newspapers (full editions). It will also allow you to download most books in English that may be hard to find in local shops. That’s its main function…as a electronic reader.

    Finally, the larger screen US model comes at the cost of size (and $). If text size is your worry, then you just make it the font bigger.

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Just Looking,

    WOW, Great information. We appreciate the helpful information. That’s just another benefit of being a member of Chapala Club… Learning from Each Other. Thanks again. Sid

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