Who Are Donna & Ted Lawler… and Why You Should Care ?

October 14, 2009

Very soon at this link you’ll find a series of Articles written by Donna Lawler on all sorts of interesting topcs,,, but all about some aspect of interest to retirees or soon to be retirees who want to learn moe about living the dream at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico.

Donna is a native of Oklahoma and transplanted Texan who in a former life was a University level English Professor who is enjoying living here at Lake Chapala Mexico with husband Ted.

So please be watching this new category “Living the Dream” at www.ChapalaClub.com for some really interesting stories written in Donna’s unique and lively style.

By the way we met Donna through ChapalaClub.com and the timing was perfect. We had just begun our search for new contributors when Donna entered “Stage Left”.

She’s a very talented writer and we’re blessed that she’s making her on line writing debut with us here at ChapalaClub.com.

  • Erin Mc Nulty

    Hi Sid!

    Just saw the video about Donna Lawler. And I have one request for her when she starts her articles about the Chapala area. I hope she will also write about what it is like to be older and single and living there. By that I mean, things to do and interactions with others in the area. Thanks!

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Erin, Thanks for your comment. I’ll pass along your comment to Donna. She has interviewed a lot of local people for her articles. I’m not sure how many were single ladies.

    Here’s the text of a comment I added on another thread that I think you will enjoy because it addresses what we do here and how the single ladies fit right in.

    Thanks for your friendly post. You’ll fit right in here. I guess there must be a few clickish folks here, but the vast majority of our Ex Pats are everyday down to earth folks like you and me. We help each other as well as the more needy Mexican people.

    We are from all walks of life, all political and religious backgrounds and from all over the world (the largest group are the Americans, then the Canadians, and Europe with a small percentage from the rest of the globe.

    You mentioned activities. The Lake Chapala Society is a hub of activities of all types and has been helping newcomers and old timers for over 55 years. There are ap[proximately 80 or so English speaking organizations from very informal to fairly formal (By laws etc.).

    Many of them started because someone wondered, “Why don’t they have a (fill in the blank) group.” Then, they posted a note on the bulletin board at the Lake Chapala Society or placed a small classified ad in the local weekly paper and before they knew it they had a Club or Group for (fill in the blank).

    There are more single ladies here than single gents (You gals tend to out live us), but no need to feel like a 3rd wheel. Some ladies and gents team up to participate together as “buddies” and not sweethearts while others team up with another lady to go to dinner or out to a club.

    WE have loads of great area restaurants, a number of churches and religious oriented groups, the Lake Side Little Theater group, regular concerts. a 3 screen movie with first run hits in English with Spanish sub titles, etc.

    So, your social calendar can be as full as you want. There are the social butterfly types and the sit and watch the sunset types here. My Mexicana wife and I fall somewhere in between. We socialize more with other “mixed” couples, who like us are basically bi lingual or working on it. This way no one is left out of the conversational group, and we all improve our language skills.

    I hope this gives you a flavor for our life here. Oh, a final thought. WE all share a love of Mexico and its people, we all think out of the box to some degree or we would not be here, we all breath the same clean fresh mountain air and enjoy the same social activities together no matter how big or fancy our home is or how how large or small our retirement pension might be.

    All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • http://VideosofChapala Betty Wheeler

    Hi Sid! I just saw the video of the Lawlers. I am looking forward to reading her articles. Like so many others I enjoy articles about other people who have moved their. I would like to read more about people who are not wealthy but have a moderate retirement income and how they make it on just their SS check. Thanks for a great website. I have been enjoying going over the archives and catching up on the news. Keep up the good work. I hope to see you some day.

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Betty, Thanks very much for taking the time to comment. Yes, ChapalaClub.com will soon have new writer on board who fits the description yu gave. They will be living here on their Canadian Pension.

    Glad you’re checking out the archives. It’s a real treasure trove of information that a lot of folks miss.

    Finally, thanks very much for the kind words about ChapalaClub.com. We’ve been very blessed by the response since we began three years ago. Out growth chart shows an upward trend line of 45%.

    All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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