See Boomers Before… and After Ajijic Lake Chapala, Mexico

November 28, 2009




Here’s a cartoon video of some Boomers Before Experiencing Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico.

Well that was fun to watch, but now let’s take a look at these same Boomers in their flesh and blood best After Experiencing Lake Chapala Ajijic at a local watering hole called La Tasca.

The Boomer known locally as ‘The Professor’ is on lead guitar, Boomer Flip is Flippin’ great on Bass Guitar and Joel is Jamming good on Rhythm Guitar.

Towards the end of the video the camera pans around so you can see the Boomers on and off the dance floor which now bear no resemblance to the poor pathetic people they used to be depicted in the first Before Ajijic video.

So, if you too want to get your Mojo*working come on down South Mexico Way and join in the fun.

You can do it. I can help. E mail me today “before you forget” for a personal Mojo infusion from Sid, (The Lake Chapala Information Guy & Exclusive Buyers Only Realtor). ………………………

*Mojo refers to a magical charm bag used in hoodoo. In modern usage it metaphorically refers to possessing a “magic touch” of creativity or charm.

  • Jettia Mann

    I recently had a couple of strokes…thankfully my husband was near by to call the Red Cross. I would like to know if there is a medical alert system in Ajijic. It would certainly give me peace of mind when my husband is not close by. Thank You, Jettia

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jettia, Thanks for your question. I’ve not heard of an Medical Alert system here.

    We do have a Red Cross station manned 24 x 7 whihc Ambulance fully equped even with defibrillator equipment.

    Perhaps someone else will ave an answer for us. Sid

  • Laurel Williams

    Hi Sid,
    I’m a reader of “Boomers TO Mexico” and alos read your blog too. It is so enjoyable and helpful to find out what is going on in the neighborhood without having to hop on a plane. Your service is greatly apperciated.
    I will be an expatriot at the lakeside Chapala area in the future, post retirement, as I have visited the area twice. Perhaps you could do some research for me on specific type of medical care.

    I need traction on my back (vertabre stretching) from time to time tO relieve sciatica. Are there any chiropractors, pain management doctors, and,or physical therapists in the lakeside area. sometimes my back locks upand it can be very painful. I know there are good medical services in Guadalajara, but what is available in he immediate area? Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Laurel, Yes, Boomers is a cool blog. Les and David make a good team. She writes well and of course his photography is top notch as well and it’s fun to see Ajijic through the eyes of a new to the area North American Couple.

    Glad you’ve chosen Lake Chapala for your Retirement.

    Each year our area has more services. There are several new medical facilities in the area as our care level is great and the prices are so much lower than the USA. MOre and more folks are coming just for these services.

    Please be watching for an interview with my personal doctor of many years here Dr. Ricard Heredia whihc is scheduled for publication o June 2, 2010.

    He has a new machine that gives great massages combining infra red heat and manipulative therapy.

    Yesterday morning I wok up with a terrible pain in my right arm and my ability to clasp with my right hand was extremely painful. NOw, I don’t scare easily but this scared me. I made a beeline for Dr. Ricardo’s offcie this morning and already I’m almost back to normal.

    Several anti inflammatory injections in my arm, shoulder and hand and a prescription for an anti inflammatory medicine and I’m already back to 95 use of hand and arm without pain.

    He also gave me some excellent tips on just how to position my commuter keyboard, mouse and monitor to avoid a recurrence. I was able to get a walk in appointment and was in the office for just under a half hour.

    The cost fr examination, diagnosis, injections and prescription was the equivalent of $40 USD.

    Oh and the prescription med I will take for the next week came to $5.83 USD.

    SO, no need to go to Guadalajara as there are several doctors here that can help you. BUt of course it’s just under an hour drive if you were to need to go there for treatment.

    Thanks again for the great question. I think many other of our Club members will benefit. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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