Broken Links – What Are They? How Do They affect You?

January 6, 2010

Hi Everyone.

Broken Links – What Are They? How Do They affect You?

As you probably know a broken link on a website is a link that looks OK but when you click on it either does nothing at all or sometimes takes you to a page of gobble de gook that doesn’t make sense.

Or as, in the case that those of you who tried to access the promised video on Health Care here in Mexico…

The Video would not play.

So, Let me Explain:

I get a lot of great videos from You Tube to help my keep you informed with the latest information about Lake Chapala AJijic,  but sometimes the author of the video or You Tube pulls it off the YouTube site.

That causes the video not to work on any other site it’s been embedded into.

So, please take this under consideration.

But if a link fails of course I’d like to know so if possible I can correct it.

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  • Ron Meadows

    I will retire this month. My wife is younger than me and is not convinced she would like to be far from our grand kids. Me on the other hand do not want to sit around and watch soaps and try to figure out what to do with my day living on my retirement. I am finished working anf have some health issues.
    I will receive about $2300 per month from the government and a small penison from the company I worked for. They have not been gracious enough to tell me the amount and I don’t hve a contract to demand anything so I’m at their mercy. I want to come to Ajijic or some place close to maybe have a horse, dog and yes my wife. Can you assist me I am planning a trip in May will be appliing for pass port and want to spend a week to wine and dine my wife to love your town.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Ron, Yours is a common situation. Sometimes it’s the wives who have this problem. Fortunately, the solution is easy.

    ‘Just get here’. Treat it as a fact finding.. but fun vacation. Look around, Take my gratis area tour (no I don’t cram a bunch of homes into the tour for you to look at).

    The objective is to show you our beautiful area, to answer your questions honestly, and to help you decide if our little slice of paradise would work out well for you. Honestly as great as we think our area is… it’s not for everyone…. but it is right for many thousands of North Americans. I’ll candidly tell you if I think you may be unhappy here.

    A lot of retirees here find that they have more contact with family and friends “back home” once they move here. Visits are frequent, USA telephone lines are very inexpensive ( I have several lines… one of which I caught a sale and got 3 years of service for $50 USD). High speed fiber optic cable internet makes sending a note home or paying bills easy and quick.

    So “reaching out and touching someone” like the grand kids is easier and less expensive than ever.

    Video Chat is even possible.

    One thing wives like a lot when they live here is escaping the drudgery of house work. Trustworthy maids work for around $3 USD per hour and husbands can escape yard work (if they want to) because gardeners work for around $3 USD per hour also.

    As you can see by these examples of living expenses the pension amount you mentioned will allow a luxurious life style here.

    Let me know your travel dates by e mail to and I can share some travel tips with you.

    We can even arrange a telephone conference on one of my direct USA lines if you like. It’s up to you how much help you want from me and how fast you want it. Some folks like to be spoon fed and others want the “whole meal deal”. Either way is fine with me.

    I hate high pressure force feeding. Sorry, but it makes me want to run the the other way. So that’s not my style.

    Remember the key to convincing spouses that our area may be right for them is to just come down for a look see investigative vacation.

    The people (North Americans and Local folks), the climate, and luxury lifestyle on a modest retirement normally does the rest.

    All for now. Thanks for sharing your situation. I suspect it will resonate with others. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Betty

    Hi Sid!
    I wish I had a spouse that just was not sure that life style wasn’t for them. My husband thinks he is too old to make a move like that. He would not be in favor of even taking a trip down there to check it out. All I can do is pray that something will change his mind. Ron has it easy by comparison. I wish him well.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Betty, Miracles do happen. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Ron Meadows

    Thanks Sid for your information. I welcome travel tips and places to stay.

    May has been changed to September. My wife will come for 7 days and I may stay. Could be for 30 days to 3 1/2 months.

    Your sugestions on rentals, B&B welcome.


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