Love in Action at Lake Chapala

January 25, 2010



Love in Action Christmas Parties:

This past Christmas a number of business and private individuals provided fun parties for Love in Action children with great food and, of course, presents.

WalMart and manager Sr. Jose Ivan Espinoza gave a party December 10th at the store in Ajijic for children.

Then on December 17th WalMart hosted a posada at the Center in Chapala.

Thanks to Sr. Espinoza for the generous parties.  By the way the store is now providing food and other items for the Center on a regular basis.

On December 21st Chef Gerard Militello of “La Vita Bella” Restaurant at the Racquet Club in San Juan Cosala treated over 60 kids from the Love in Action Children’s Center in Chapala to a pre Christmas luncheon.

Gerard created his very own recipe for Macaroni and Cheese and ice cream treats were provided by the Manhattan Ice Cream Company.

After lunch the children received toys donated by the Hasbro Toy Company that were given to Programa pro Niños Incapacitados and redistributed by Rich Petersen to several children’s charities at Lakeside.

Classroom LOve in Action
Additional toys were donated by Jerelyn Fyvolent a resident of San Juan Cosala.

And just before Christmas, the Needle Pushers group donated about 60 sweaters to children at the Center.

A Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) Posada was hosted by the children’s Godparents Program with Santa Claus (a Larry Lavender look-alike,) at least six piñatas and food and drink for all.

Godparents and volunteers, organized by Valerie Robinson, wrapped and provided gifts for each child which were distributed by Santa and a number of his “elves.”

Thanks to all businesses, groups and individuals for making Christmas 2009 a happy occasion for our children at the Love in Action Center.

Thanks to local businesses and doctors:

The Love in Action Children’s Center in Chapala would like to thank the many businesses and doctors who have provided support to the Center over recent months.

A number of doctors have provided medical and dental services free of charge for Center children.

These include Dr. Antonio Pinto, an Ophthalmologist; Dr. Manuel Jiménez del Toro, a Plastic Surgeon for burns and cosmetic surgery; Dr. Jorge Alvaro González Urzúa, an Orthopedic specialist; Dr. Alberto Don Olivera, a Dentist; and Dr Anjelica Quintero de Garcia, a Pediatrician.


Businesses have also been providing support to the Center.  Walmart hosted two parties for children over Christmas and has now begun supplying food and other goods on a regular basis.

Restaurants such as Gerard’s La Vita Bella at the Racquet Club, Taiwan Buffet in Riberas del Pilar, Paninos Deli Restaurant in San Antonio and Marisa’s Bakery in Ajijic have supplied food as well.

Also, thanks to the “Needle Pushers” who donated about 60 sweaters to the children at the center in time for Christmas.

We encourage other businesses and services to donate support for the children either through providing meals or by supplying the Center with excess food supplies that cannot be sold.

Love in Action Bazaar Grand Opening February 5:

Classroom LOve in Action

Our Grand Opening for the Love in Action Bazaar is on February 5 at 1:00 PM.

Supporters, friends and bargain hunters are invited to come and see this new store which will help provide needed financial support for Love in Action.

Tours of the Children’s Center will also be available.

The Ajijic Rotary Club and the Catalina Rotary Club of Tucson Arizona provided the funds, along with local and international volunteers providing the labor and donated items to get the Bazaar underway.

Again, further support is needed to staff the Bazaar and provide donated items.

The Bazaar is located just to the left of the entrance to the Center at Pedro Moreno #76 in Chapala.  Initially, it will be open Friday, Saturday and Monday.

Goods for sale include clothing for women, men and children, as well as household item such as blankets and kitchen items.

LIA is looking for more volunteers to help staff the Bazaar on a regular basis and for donated sale items. If you can help, contact Dina at

PS: I have just taken over press duties.  Please let me know if you have ideas for including in our monthly Newsletter or press releases to local papers.

-Robin Lawrason, Public Relations
Love in Action Center

  • Betty

    Hi Sid!
    What a wonderful article. I wish I could be there to help. I am a retired nurse and a knitter/crocheter. Living in the states limits my charitable giving but I think if I lived in Chapala I would have more money and time to help in so many ways. Pray that I will be able to make that move ASAP.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Betty, Yes, the “Love in Action” is one of my favorite groups. I havea dear friend who volunteers there regularly. She found them from one of several prior articles I wrote for them. I’ve not met the new publicity person there yet.

    I just forwarded her newsletter unchanged to help them get the word out so I can;t take credit for the writing. I do my small part by passing along to the outside world via our Club website the great work they do there.

    Yes, I’ll join you in your prayer that you will live and prosper here at Lake Chapala and be a blessing to the people here from all the different communities.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Linda Klein

    My husband and I have recently moved to Ajijic. From a prior visit, I was made aware of Love In Action. I would like to volunteer my time to this organization, but here’s my dilemma:
    I haven’t yet learned Spanish although I am working on it. Is it realistic to think of working with the children and this group without the language skills? My fondest wish would be to learn enough Spanish so I could read to the children. I used to do this in libraries in the U.S. Maybe some of you can make some suggestions?
    Linda K.

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