What the Perfect Car for Lake Chapala Can Teach You About Why You Should Live Here.

February 24, 2010

What the Perfect Car for Lake Chapala Can Teach You  About Why You Should Live Here.

First, Let me introduce you to the car which I think would be the perfect car for Lake Chapala.

I hope you enjoyed the video of this versatile vehicle in action. It has a Corvette engine and is really fast on land and on the water.

They build them to order for approximately $200,000 each….

But enough about the car itself.

Here’s the lesson the car has for you.

The car shows us it’s possible to have two very nice things at the same time.  A really nice Sports car and a very nice Sport Boat.

Now these things are usually not together in the same thing. You either have a nice Sports Car or a nice Sport boat, or both but not in the same package.

Some places in the world you can live very inexpensively, but let’s admit it, the infrastructure is normally very inferior and luxury is not easy to come by.

(Luxury in these places may be not having to walk several miles to a muddy well for your water, but to have running water at your home, if only a faucet next to what passes for your home.)

And conversely there are places in the world where you can live the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but normally these places are out of reach for middle class North Americans, right?

Lake Chapala Ajijic is the BIG EXCEPTION where you really can “Live Better and Pay Less”

Yes, you really can have both… A luxurious Champagne lifestyle on a beer pocketbook.

In other words Lake Chapala Ajijic is like the Water Car… Two great concepts rolled into one.

And, luxury here, like luxury in North America…

Beautiful homes priced lower than in most of North America …

With beautiful gardens,

Maids and gardeners for $3 USD per hour

Great upscale restaurants for Burger Biggy prices

First run movies in English (under $3 USD)

Fiber optic internet connections etc…

And …all this at a surprisingly low cost.

Live very well on $1500 a month and a lot better on $2,000 a month (assumes you own a home here).

And like all good deals you get some bonuses:

Here’s the bonuses:

Tour Boats in Lake Chapala

Year around near perfect weather with an average temperature of 72 degrees so the homes don’t need central heat or air…

Where homes are designed to take advantage of the natural breezes and to blend indoor living with outdoor living…

Where … even if you have a black thumb in your garden in North America your thumb will magically turn green here with the great soil, mild climate and lots of sunny days.

Where property taxes are so low you’ll brag about them instead of complain about them.

Most luxury homes here pay no more than $200 USD per year (Yes per year, not per month)


2 Bdrm, 2 Bath, Unfurnished Two Level in San Antonio Tlay. for just $148,000 USD

Where full coverage medical care is under $300 a year (not a misprint).

So, if you’re had it with North American and You’re mad as H _ ll   and…

You’re just not going to take it anymore  .

+Paying high taxes (and likely to go even   higher),

+Trying to live through blizzard like winters and or blow torch hot summers…

+Where eating out, at even a hamburger place, you feel as if you almost need a small bank loan and really nice meals are only for special occasions

If just some of what I’ve said makes sense to you…

Then, we should talks soon.

We can talk by e mail at  Sid@ChapalaClub.com, or by telephone

Toll Free North America Line 1 -877 514 1396

  • Dennis

    Hola Sid,
    I enjoyed our talk the other day, I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you.

    1. Do you have a good idea of the approximate costs for Homeowners and automobile insurance? Are there special requirements regarding the purchasing of insurance?
    2. What is the mail service like? Problems to consider?

    Thank you very much!

Email for more information:

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