What’s the best way to sell your home quickly… so you can make your dream of Living at Lake Chapala a Reality?

April 7, 2010

What’s the best way to sell your home quickly… so you can make your dream of Living at Lake Chapala a Reality?

Because home sellers are too close to their situation, they often make a misstep when they put their homes on the market.

They know all about their home and what makes it special, and they assume prospective buyers will easily recognize its positive attributes.  But the consumer has never seen any of the homes that are on the market.  Buyers start with a blank slate.  They will form an opinion about a home based on the marketing material they see.

Unfortunately, most houses end up being promoted with “me-too” real estate flyers that simply list boring statistical data such as:

  • Bedrooms: 4,  Baths: 3,  Year Built: 1994,  etc.

If you allow a house to be marketed with details that are COMMON to many other houses, it may never escape from obscurity.  For example, houses are often marketed with a theme that stresses the highly acclaimed local school district.  But why rely on a feature that is guaranteed to be available at every other home for sale in the area? Sure mention the great school district but go  way beyond this.


A seller may in fact have the best home in the neighborhood, but it may not make a difference if the potential buyer  never gets the message. Here’s how to make your marketing stand out and get noticed.

Selling a home really is best marketed the same as when a new product is being brought to market.

This means in selling your home using long ads are much better than short cookie cutter type ads. Just communicate to the prospective buyer all the benefits they will get if they buy your home. But, don’t bore your prospective buyer with just bare bone facts about your house..

It is better to use an advertorial ad that sells by telling an interesting story.  Here’s quote from an ad for a home in Washington that uses a short advertorial approach next to a photo to get the reader interested.

In theory, holding an open house is a sound marketing idea because the potential buyer gets to use all of his senses to see the house and get a “feel” for the floor plan, the yard, and the neighborhood and how it fits their lifestyle.. So, having an : Open House” is good… but not nearly enough because an open house may only produce a handful of people who walk through.

A well-written ad, that is widely circulated, on the other hand has the effect of one voice speaking to thousands of potential buyers.  By reaching so many more people with your well written benefit rich ad your odds of finding the right buyer increase exponentially.

Here’s a short example of the kind of ad I’m talking about I found on line for a home in Washington state.

“Peace and quiet, the Cascades from your windows. Stars at night. Your own Mountain Sanctuary of 5.21 acres with fenced garden site, pasture and barn for your horses surrounded by tall firs. Deep volcanic well of pristine water. Home you’ll never want to leave.”

So, if your home has been on the market a long time and not much action… it’s probably not because the asking price is too high or just that the market is slow now, but that it just needs better stand out marketing.

How do you get a prospective buyer interested
enough to come see your home?

STEP 1: What made YOU buy the house? What were the benefits you saw that made you want to buy it.

STEP 2: Look at your house from a fresh perspective.

Take the best “features” of your home and turn them into a benefit for yur prospective buyer. For example, don’t just say “large yard” … say “Large yard is perfect for enjoying backyard Bar B Ques, and gardening with room left over for your pets and a safe area for children to play.”

This allows your client to see the benefits of your yard.

STEP 3: Write a “story ad” that communicates your home’s unique benefits.

“The fireplace is not just any fireplace, but has a blower that pumps heat from it throughout the house saving you money on heating bills while enjoying a log fire on those chilly days.”

STEP 4: Place your ads in local publications, on area bulletin boards, give them to the neighbors,  and help your Realtor get the word out to increase your chances of  finding a buyer soon rather than later.

This all sounds simple, because it is simple…. But this is what works !.

All kinds of excellent products fail in the marketplace because of weak, tame, and ineffective marketing.  This includes homes which just list the features (like everyone else does) and doesn’t highlight the benefits.

SO, highlight the unique benefits of your home. But, don’t neglect to mention the features of your home that all other homes in your area share as well… JUST DO SO BY phrasing them as benefits.  (see the above idea for the big yard feature)

I hope these ideas help you and your agent to sell your home so you can move to Lake Chapala Ajijic and live your dream.

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