Could Lake Chapala Ajijic be Your Plan B ?

May 26, 2010

Could Lake Chapala Ajijic be Your Plan B ? Volcanoes have been in the news a lot lately and I’ve gotten e mail forwards with some startling photos of the recent one in Iceland. The recent eruption made me think about unforeseen or vaguely foreseen events in our lives. Here’s a link to a You Tube video about Volcanoes and Plan B’s. If you go there, please hit your BACK BUTTON after the video and come back here to continue reading because You’ll not want to miss the rest of the article, OK? Unlike. Jimmy Buffett  who sang,“I don’t know where I’m a-gonna go when the volcano blow.” many years ago I’ve always been a big believer in plan B’s. Why ? Well, as a police officer for 35 years I was both taught survival tactics (plan B’s if you will) just in case things took a turn for the worse. Plan A: Avoid wrecks by driving carefully. Plan B: If a wreck is inevitable chose a soft landing (like in the movies you see the car chases usually wind up ending by at least one of the cars crashing into a fruit stand, but rarely into a stone wall.). I used to carry as many as three pistols (depending upon just how dangerous I perceived the area I was working to be.) badge A duty weapon in my holster (Glock 9mm) , a small flat 380 Cal Browning Auto in my waistband and at times a very small 25 Cal Browning in my pants pocket. Sort of a plan A, B and C. I don’t believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. I believe in having several baskets and watching all of them closely. Could Lake Chapala Ajijc be your Plan B? If you live in the USA now and didn’t have the foresight to have significant rainy day reserves stashed away my heart goes out to you, especially if you’ve been more or less forced into an early retirement or worse just plain laid off. Well at least you’re not choking on a cloud of ash that spreading over half of Europe. If your crises has not hit yet, Rest assured, one day (I hope not soon), you’re likely going to have a crisis in your job or your business. You can handle it well or you can fall apart. APTOPIX Germany Airport Volcanic Eruption No Plan B ! Here are some ideas for where to go when the volcano blows (and handling it well). Have back up plans. Way back before the year 2000 when a lot of us were thinking that they might not be able to solve the Y2K crisis (you do remember the Y2K crisis right) I spent a boat load of money preparing for it…. just in case. Y2K crisis – This was when it was thought that most of the computers in the world would shut down. Even then we were very dependent on computer systems to do things like running the electric grid. Can you imagine life in the USA or Canada without electricity? Thankfully they found enough work a-rounds and fixes to get us past Y2K. Thankfully I didn’t need any of the massive preparations I made for Y2K just like I did never needed either of my back up weapons as a police officer… but they did give me a lot of comfort just knowing they were there if needed. Thompson This Home is priced Under $100,000 USD I’ve helped a number of North Americans to make Lake Chapala Ajijic their backup plan. You see, they can’t predict the future but are concerned that things might get worse in North America with ever rising debt and taxes and the economy stalled. Mexico copes: I don’t know the formal stats, but believe that Mexico has in most of my memory always had something around 10% unemployment. More and more North Americans are coping by planning to retire here at Lake Chapala Ajijic. Others are taking it a step further and buying a second home here while prices are at an all time low and before their assets up North lose even more value. So, even if the worst happens and they have to walk away from homes with an upside down mortgage… or they get the boot before they were ready to retire they have a paid for home here … where they can live a very good life even on a small pension. Some are even finding ways to earn money on line which allows them to continue to bring home the bacon via our local fiber optic high speed internet. Learn to be flexible: richard-branson Richard Branson tells a great story in his autobiography Business Laid Bare. He was stuck at a small airport when his flight was cancelled and he truly, seriously needed to get to a meeting. Instead of doing what I do, which is to drag my carry-on to the bar and sulk, he walked over to the charter company on the other side of the airport and immediately booked a flight to where he needed to go. Then he made a handmade cardboard sign selling seats on that flight, walked back to the first ticket counter, and immediately signed up enough stranded passengers to pay the cost of the charter. Begin to think outside the box… even more ! You already do to some degree or you likely would not still be reading this article. Start asking yourself these questions before the volcano erupts in your life. For more information about creating your own Plan B here at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico send me an e mail to Put “PLAN B” in the subject line. You can have your own Plan B escape waiting. The carrying costs are very low and you could earn income from it before you pull the pin on your job… or Heaven forbid the pin gets pulled for you.

  • Ruth

    I “REALLY” liked your article on Plan B. And the video was excellent! I am a firm believer in Plan B’s. I hope Mexico will be our plan B in just a couple more months. I have 25 more working days until retirement. Yippee!

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Yippee for you ! Thanks for your kind words on the video. We’re using more and more videos here on as video is such a personal medium, they’re fun to make, and our ChapalaCLub members like them.

    I look forward to helping you formulate your special “Plan B”.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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