Let’s Go to Joco.. Jocotepec at Lake Chapala that is !

May 12, 2010

Jocotepec, once was called Xuxutepeque, and began as a small fishing village at the western end of the Lake, and was the area  home for the Nahua Indians in 1361. They built a temple to their god, Iztlacateotl, and practiced human sacrifice. The village became a trading and ceremonial site for the surrounding mountain area.

With the arrival of the Spaniards, the settlement’s name became “Jocotepec” and was interpreted as meaning “Hill of Guavas”. (Guavas are a small bitter-sweet tasting fruit.)

Products of Jocotepec are mainly wool carpets in typical weaves and many colors, and the traditional serapes of this village. Another important industry is the fabrication of tiles, ready-made or made to the client’s design.

Wood and forged iron furniture is also made to order. Recently, painting and music have been given a boost by local organizations promoting cultural events.

Jocotepec has two religious protectors: Nuestro Senor del Monte and Nuestro Senor del Guaje. A Fiesta Patronal is held early in January. It lasts two weeks, and honors the first patron, the Lord of the Mountain, with daily masses, dances, cockfights, parades and fireworks. Another fiesta, later in the year, honors Nuestro Senor del Guaje, but on a smaller scale.

Just to the West of Jocotepec is the development called Roca Azul (Blue Rock) which is a large peaceful community where a number of North Americans live a simple, quiet, but fulfilling life.

Surrounding Roca Azul and continuing East along the South shore of Lake Chapala are large commercial black berry and raspberry farms. These large scale farms export their crops to the world.


Local people buy the fruit that’s too ripe for export shipment and sell quart sized containers of the luscious fruit for about $1.50 USD  along the North Shore towns and villages.

More and more North Americans are finding Jocotepec to their liking. The cost of living here will be somewhat less than Chapala or Ajijic.

I’m impressed with the local civic pride of the people of Jocotepec  who are genuinely warm and welcoming to North Americans.

Wal Mart has built a large Bodega Food Super Market stocking Great Value and other Wal Mart products which has been a big hit with both the North American and Mexican community without hurting the traditional peoples market.

  • Margaret Huff


    We used to live in Chapala, in fact my husband says its the only place we have ever lived that he misses. We had to move back to the states because Medicare will pay our many medical bills here. We enjoy The Chapala Club so much. You have given us more information and keep up with the times more than anyone else has. We look forward to your new reports all the time.

    We wish to hear more about Jocotepec because if we were able to return that is where we would focus our interest.

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Margaret, Thanks for your very nice words. Yes, I agree, I always miss Lake Chapala when I’m visiting family and friends in the USA.

    I just did a video of the Plaza in Jocotepec. Here’s the link in case you missed it. http://tiny.cc/x9pei

    Thanks again. Hope you like the video. Sid

  • Betty

    Hola Sid!
    Thanks for another great article. I have looked at some homes in Jocotopec but did not know anything about that city. You had so much info that I had never heard before. The video was very helpful in getting an idea of what it looks like. Your website is the most informative of any that I have seen. I always look forward to your next newsletter. Wonderful job.

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Betty, Thanks for your continued support of http://www.ChapalaClub.com

    It’s nice folks like you who make me want to continue to tell the world what a wonderful place in the sun I’ve found. Thanks again. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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