How to Get Free Representation at Lake Chapala Ajijic Mexico

July 2, 2010

The Dream Team

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  • Glyn Brand

    I was thrilled to receive your article “Crime and Safety in Lake Chapala”. My husband Trevor and I will be staying in the Lake Chapala area from January 11, 2011 until end of March 2011 to enable us to get a feel of the area with the intention of retiring there next year.

    We have friends here in Canada who are so negative with regard to the safety in Mexico and our possible move there. As soon as I received your article on Safety I forwarded to them.

    We spent three months in Chelem in the Yucatan January – March 2010, this was our first visit to Mexico, fell in love with it and the Mexican people. Not once did we feel uncomfortable or unsafe during our stay.

    We look forward to visiting your beautiful area of Lake Chapala next year.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful Chapala Club Topics I receive from you, keep up the good work.


    Glyn and Trevor Brand
    Calgary, Canada

    Thank you for all the wonderful articles

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Glyn and Trevor, Thanks so much for the nice comments. There are a lot of Canadians who have moved here ad of course a lot of Snow Birds as well. We have a Canadian Club in the area as well. Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • http://ChapalaPostsonWebboard Rene J. Ashton

    Hello Sid:

    Sure miss the “Webboard” comments regarding the area. We are
    Snowbirds from Canada and spend 5 months down there. It keeps
    us informed. Anything you can do to reinstate the columns?


    Rene J.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Rene, I don’t want to promise but I will promise to see if I can make it happen. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Keith and Zan

    Hi Sid, As you know, Keith and I are trying to make an informed decision on purchasing a home in either one of the gated communities or neighborhoods in the Ajijic area. You have been wonderful with giving us as much information as possible and we thank you for that. We thought maybe it would be possible to ask people who actually live in these areas their personal experiences (good and bad) to give us more of an insider’s view. Yes we are aware that people have different views. We thought maybe posing this on some of the Chapala forums on the net would be helpful. Of the many posts we have received, only a few have been helpful and others seem to think they know everything and are rude. So Sid, to make a long story short, we thought since you have sold many homes to people and am sure some still keep in contact with you and read your site, maybe someone lives in the areas we are interested in and would be willing to share their views; I do not mind if you give them my email as well. The areas are Riviera Alta, Cielo Vista, El Parque, La Floresta. If there are other people who want to share their views on their neighborhoods, the more information the better. As you are aware we are an active couple, and want to be near the Ajijic area to enjoy the town. If you do not feel this is the place to post this question, I perfectly understand. See you in August!!!!
    Zan and Keith

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Zan, Thanks for your informative and insightful comments.

    I’m familiar with all the areas you mentioned but have only sold a home in La Floresta of the developments you mentioned.

    Cielo Vista is still quite new and I don;t much about it yet.

    I think you’ll find that most people really like where they bought and sometimes have a hard time understanding wy others live where they live.

    But, let’s see if anyone who reads your comments here can be of help.

    Looking forward to your August visit.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Betty

    HOLA Sid!
    As always your articles are great and very informative. One thing I would like to know is how long your associates have lived there? What were they doing before they started to work with you? Where do they live? I am happy for you that you have help now. I am still hoping to get down there. Thank you so much for all your help.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Betty, Thanks for your nie words and comment.

    Judy Martin

    Judy was a Coldwell Banker realtor in Sacramento, California for years. Her mother was stricken with Alzheimers and as her disease became more and more debilitating, Judy needed to find a place to care for her full time. A dear friend was relocating to Ajijic and suggested that she check out the wonderful facilities available Lakeside.
    Upon finding the care givers here so loving and competent, Judy moved here and there hasn’t been a day she regretted her decision. Judy’s background has included many various careers including property management, leasing agent, and working as a Massage Therapist and Youth Activities Coordinator on cruise ships. Her integrity and honesty instill confidence in all her clients.


    Barbara was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Canada. She did her nursing training in Halifax and over the next 10 years nursed in Halifax and Montreal. She eventually moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she specialized in cardiovascular nursing and went on to obtain her Masters in Nursing degree from the University of Alberta. She held a variety of positions following her graduation and finally retired from the Health Department, Alberta Government.
    She and her husband, Wayne moved to Lakeside in 2005. She has 2 step-daughters and 5 grandchildren living in Edmonton. Barbara enjoys golfing (although she is quick to add her handicap is high). She is currently the Secretary on the Board of Directors in her community of Chapala Haciendas. She has always loved a challenge and so when offered an opportunity to be a Buyer’s Only Realtor, she took up that challenge with enthusiasm. She and Wayne built their home and have a wide circle of friends here. Her knowledge of the area and of Lakeside is extensive. Barbara looks forward to assisting potential buyer’s find their dream house.


    Paul is one of several Buyer’s Agents in the office and thoroughly enjoys meeting people and introducing them to all that the Lakeside has to offer. Prior to coming here in 2001, he retired to Lake Havasu City, Arizona and although the weather was much better than in Canada, the cost of living was steadily increasing. Research about the Lake Chapala area intrigued him enough to come down for a visit and he discovered his piece of paradise. Paul has a solid background in real estate in Toronto and Vancouver, has owned several business franchises – all which translates into excellent listening skills and infinite patience! He currently owns several properties at the Lakeside and is knowledgeable about local construction and new developments. He looks forward to working for you to find THE home that meets your needs!

    Betty, also take a look at the video interview I did with Juy anf Barbara. Still trying to get together with Paul to do an on camera interview with him.

    Link for Judy Martin Interview –

    Link for Barbara Garding Interview –

    Thanks again for your comments Betty. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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