Is Lake Chapala Ajijic For You? … What Category Are You In?

August 6, 2010

Is Lake Chapala Ajijic For You? … What Category Are You In? In my experience, couples that contact me fall into two general categories: Category 1: Both spouses are interested in the beautiful and affordable area of Mexico collectively known as Lake Chapala. Category 2 One or the other spouse is skeptical. They may feel if it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t true. The  partner who wants to come down for a check us out trip so bad they can taste it of course tries to convince the other one to make plans to come down to see our area. If you’re the partner who thinks you should come down: Good for you, but here’s some advice. Don’t argue, don’t push, just say something like… “Let’s go have a nice holiday away, enjoy the great weather, meet some people who live there, look around a little and then we’ll see what we think.” Follow up with, “I could be wrong about the area…. and if I am… I’ll be the first to admit it… but if we both like it, I promise not to say, ‘I told you so’. But, if you don’t think it could be right for us, then I love you and we’ll cross Lake Chapala off our list, fair enough.” Now a word to the skeptical partner: (Just in case you’re reading this article, which I doubt, but if so, good for you. Thanks for having an open mind. Guarantee_symbol I promise to let it all hang out and I will not cover you up with a bunch of B. S. I’ll just answer your questions honestly without pulling any punches. It is what it is… and either you’ll like it or you will not like it. I’ll even point out the negatives (yes there are a few even for folks who our area is definitely right for). No area is “perfect perfect” at least not in this world, but for me Lake Chapala comes real close. Is it the best place in the world to retire? Well it is for thousands of North Americans who could have chosen any place in the world to hang their retirement hat. But, I admit that doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Only you and you alone can make that decision. However, it’s so right for so many that you owe it to yourself to come for a visit and look around, to meet some folks who live here, and to get some honest straight from the shoulder information. If you conclude that the area is right for you (Do this on your time line when you’re here or after you’re back home), then your Dream Team Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtor can hold your hand during the entire process of buying a home or lot here. We'll all done it ourselves and helped many others to do the same in a seamless manner. . Why is the Dream Team composed of only Exclusive Buyer’s Only Realtors? Oops!! Because we sincerely believe that it’s in your best interest to have an experienced Realtor who looks after your best interest and yours alone. Someone to guide you around the banana skin peels to prevent a serious fall . The seller has their agent; shouldn’t you have yours (no charge to you for our real estate services). Not sure just what a Buyer’s Realtor is or does or how we're compensated for our professional services…then please take a couple of minutes to watch the below video which clearly explains the concept. Need more information about any aspect of living here just let me know and a member of our Dream Team will be in contact right away We can help. We’re not called “The Dream Team” because we're a bunch of dreamers we take our responsibility to our clients seriously. If our area is right for you we'll make your dream come true. Did you notice I used the word “Clients” and not “customers”? Why? Well a customer is someone you sell something to. A client is someone a professional person represents. Want to learn more? I’m as close as your mouse or keyboard. Just click the following e-mail link. I’ll be at the other end. Please put “Category 1” or “Category 2” as the subject line of your e mail so it will jump out at me among the hundreds of e mails I receive so I can give yours priority treatment. Dream_Team_002 Or if you prefer send me an e-mail with your telephone number and your time zone and the best time to call and a Dream Team professional will call you to answer any questions you might have. Siempre tu amigo, (Always Your Friend), Sid

  • Bob Drasner

    Tell me more about RV facilities and distances to fishing boating and swimming. Web sites with good pictures and directions / distances from the Brownsville, Texas area along with costs.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Bob, Thanks for your questions. The best RV park in the area is probably not up to the standards in the USA. It’s located in Roca Azul whihc is a development on the extreme west end of Lake Chapala. Sorry I don;t have contact info for this park.

    Lake Chapala itself is still fished as it has been for many decades by local fishermen to earn a living and to feed their families. Some North Americans fish the lake for fun. The government has declared the fish from Lake Chapala safe to eat but recommend not eating the bottom feeders or any of the fish organs.

    Not sure about the distance here from Brownsville, but the drive from LAredo here can be done in two days, but 2.5 days is better for a first trip. Most folks use the Toll roads as much as possible which by USA standards are a bit high, but most people find worth the expense.

    While the RV community is growing in our area it’s not at all advanced like in other parts of Mexico.

    Hope this helps some. Perhaps someone else more knowledgeable will be able to give you better information.

    Thanks again for your comment. Sincerely, Sid

  • Arlene Cooney

    I guess Carlos and I were in Category one – what’s not to love about beautiful Chapala and of course we had you “holding our hand” through the whole wonderful week – showing us everything-along with your wife taking us on tours – you were the
    complete package – I hope people will be as lucky and choose you for all their real estate needs so they will have a pleasant,
    succesful and informative experience.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Arlene, WOW, What a nice testimonial. I certainly appreciate it.

    Looking forward to having you guys here as soon as possible.
    Regards to Carlos. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • diggger

    Do you have a link to the marina or yacht club?

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