Lake Chapala Retire Now Plan

September 25, 2010

Now, the headline sounds almost too good to be true, but for many of my clients it’s a reality.
You see, I’ve helped double the number of retirees in the first half of this year to retire at Lake Chapala Now, than all of last year.
Now,  I certainly can’t take all the credit as much as I would like to.
No, the big reason is that our prices have dropped significantly from just a few years ago. Call it market forces, call it a fire sale, or just call it a little crazy.
How did they do it? Not difficult really. They just made plans to get come down and  hook up with myself or one of the other Dream Team Exclusive Buyer Only Realtors here at
Here’s just a couple examples of recent bargains: A 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in a nice development with a giant pool and gorgeous grounds originally listed at over $139,000 USD sold for $85,000.
That’s almost 40% below asking price.
Here’s another one: A large older 3 bedroom, 3 bath large home in good condition in a nice sub division 5 minutes from Lake Chapala with a partial Lake View listed originally for almost $200,000 and just sold for $150,000 USD . almost 25% less than the original asking price.
OK, one more: A home fairly listed at $179,000 originally is now listed at $139,000. The new asking price is $40,000 less than originally and no doubt the owner might accept less.
Now, please don’t think that the bargains like these are on every corner because that’s not true. What is true is that with some due diligence you should be able to find your own dream home in our little slice of retirement paradise for a lot less than you might expect.
Most of us here are living for a lot less than the same lifestyle would cost in North America. I like to say that you can live a caviar lifestyle on a tuna fish pension.
One reason is that health care here is very affordable (less than $300 USD a year) and real estate taxes are anther bargain (depending upon the age, size, etc. of your home these could run you between $100 and $300 USD a year.
So, let’s see … assume $600 for health care a year for a couple and $300 a year for real estate taxes .


Lower utilities since the weather is so benign that we don’t need air conditioning or much in the way of heat in the winter.
Most prescription medicines are lower in cost and no need for a prescription or doctor visit. Just tell the druggist what you want.
Most of us don’t carry home insurance since the homes are near fireproof being made out of brick, stone, and cement block with clay tile or cement roofs and liability claims would likely be laughed out of court (no hungry tort lawyers waiting behind every tree).
Do a little mental arithmetic and I think you’ll find that you could live here for less, a lot less, than you’re probably spending in North American now.
Depending upon just what this difference is you just might just qualify for the Lake Chapala Retire Now Plan
I’ve know ex pats here who are using this plan to spend less per month now to live in luxury than they spent in North America on health care alone.
Are you beginning to see how you really can live a Caviar Lifestyle on a Tuna fish pension.
At first, it may take a little getting used to.
Perhaps you’ve never been able to afford a full time gardener/ handyman or a maid or better yet both.
entrance Maybe you only feel you can afford to go out for fancy meals at upscale restaurants (the kind of places that the waiter puts your napkin in your lap for you) on Special Occasions, but here you can afford to do go to this type of restaurant for as little as $25 a couple.
OK, Sid, all of that sounds great I heard you saying, but can I drink the water, is it safe to live there, is there high speed fiber optic internet service, are their enough other North Americans to have an active social life, are there North American stores and products available ?
Many homes have water purification systems or inexpensive bottled water delivered (so a qualified yes on this one). All the other questions mentioned can be answered in one word without any qualification: YES!
 I know that you’ve worked hard for many years, made big mortgage payments, helped you kids get started, and dutifully paid your taxes… but if you don’t do something different in today’s North American economy all that’s likely to continue for a long, long time.
Why continue to work right up to the time you’re finally laid to rest? Come on down and join the Lake Chapala Retire Now Plan.
You can do it. We can help. Need more information? Have lots of questions? Not Sure ? Want to Take the First Step or the Next Step. Where ever you are in the process we can help.
Just send an e mail to and so your e mail stands out in my almost always full in box please put “Retire Now Plan” as the subject line so I can give your e mail priority attention.
All for now, Siempre tu amigo,

If you have lots of questions or would just rather talk by telephone we can schedule a one on one telephone chat if that’s better for you… on my peso. I have a direct dial USA and Canada line.

Email for more information:

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