A Taste of Guadalajara Mexico Just One Hour from Lake Chapala

October 20, 2010

A Video Tour of Guadalajara near Lake Chapala
We love it here at Lake Chapala,
But, we’re quick to admit that even though nearby Guadalajara  is hotter in the summer and colder in the winter than we are here…
(Because the Lake moderates our local climate giving our area between the Lake and the Mountains a micro climate unsurpassed in the world)
… that we're all so glad that Guadalajara in there
with it’s stunning architecture, the Ballet Folklorico, its Symphony, and all the charm its known for.
It’s not called the Pearl of the Orient for nothing.
Why are we Lakesiders glad it’s there, close but not too close, Well here’s my reasons:
1. Since the greater Guadalajara area is well over 6 million people and the second largest city in Mexico there’s an efficient, friendly, and easy to negotiate International airport about half way between Lake Chapala and Guadalajara which makes traveling to and from North America very easy.
2. My wife’s family lives there… close, but not too close. I love them each and everyone, and enjoy them when they come for a visit and when we go there for a visit.
3. When we need a big mall fix there are some fabulous malls there.
4. What ever we don’t have here at Lake Chapala in our small mall, Wally Mart or the Mexican version of Wally World, Sorianna, or the Mom and Pop stores here somewhere in Guadalajara they will have it.
Here’s a  couple of cool videos, The first one focuses on the Central Zocalo and near by areas in El Centro (Downtown Guadalajara).
The last one I shot at a popular night club that was rented for a wedding party we were invited to. This place rocks.
Hope you enjoy the videos.
Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Bob Drasner

    How do we get there? We have an RV and were hoping to come down, stay for a while, sniff around and learn more. We believe that all the issues are in the border towns and their suburbs but none of the Border crossings, by any account, seem to be safe… and we know that we can’t defend ourselves because guns are not allowed … except for the criminals, and they have plenty.
    We will cross the border wherever you recomend.
    Let us know a safe route from Brownsville area to you all.
    Looking forward to meeting y’all!

    Bob Drasner

  • Jerry Bentley

    How do I find the section where posts are accepted? I tried but couldn’t locate it. I see where others have posted but can’t find the right spot where to post something. Can you help and send me a step-by-step, as I am a bit technically impaired?

    Thanks, Sid.


  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Jerry, You found the right place. I do preview the posts for appropriate content before allowing them to go out to everyone
    over the internet.

    If you’ve tried to post before and it did not make it to the comments section please send me an e mail to Sid@ChapalaClub.com and explain to me your post.

    I’ll be happy to answer you by e mail directly.

    In fact I should mention to all potential posters the following:If you post is more in the nature of something you would send in a private e mail… then please send it as a private e mail.

    I try to check the comments section as often as possible and welcome posts, but unless they’re something of interest to the world it’s better to just e mail me.

    Posts are great, but one’s not of general potential interest are just an annoyance to our other members.

    So, please everyone continue to post, but please use direct e mail for items that likely will not be of interest to others.

    If you’re not sure go ahead and post or e mail and I’ll figure it out and respond to either method. Thanks in advance.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

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