How to Get Your Get Up and Go to Get You to Lake Chapala

October 27, 2010

Low Cost of Living
You should already know by now that Lake Chapala Mexico has a very low cost of Living (compared to anywhere North of Mexico in this hemisphere at least.
But it’s a lot more than inexpensive. We enjoy an enriched quality of life as well.
I used to Dream of Retirement here just like many of you are now. But how do you move from the Dream to actually living a life of peace, beauty, yes, even luxury here?
Living in the Area
I’ve been living at Lake Chapala on and off and mostly on since I think it was 1996 or about 15 years now. I’ve lived in Riberas de Pilar in two different homes, Brisas de Chapala, Chapala, Chapala Haciendas, and even spent a year in Guadalajara teaching English.
I’ve driven back and forth to Texas numerous times, from Oregon twice and Nevada twice and have helped clients bring their cars, cats, and dogs here on a number of occasions (once in an old pick up truck with 7 little yip yip dogs in the jump seat.)
Helping Hundreds of Clients
I’ve also helped so many clients find the right home for them, I’ve actually lost count. I’ve gone where few Realtors have gone before to find the right home for a client… like to the far South side of Lake Chapala to San Pedro Testitan and Tuxcueca and over the mountains on the North side to Ixtlauacan and almost everything in between from large fancy luxurious homes in beautiful gated communities to a wooden cabin in Roca Azul.
What I’ve learned
Here’s the most important thing I’ve learned: More than half the battle is just showing up.
I help my clients to break their house hunting adventure down into steps. Then with each step, we get closer and closer to their dream home… and while at times it seems that we may never find just the right home … it always shows up.
Several of my clients have made a number of trips here over several years before their dream home made its appearance. A few have found it in the first few days of looking.
Service for Life
I want you to know that the Dream Team and I have this idea of service for life.
We’re each willing to take as long as it takes to find just the right home for you at just the right price. But, with that being said…
We also know that some folks need a little friendly push at times.
I've met many people who have been thinking about living or retiring here for many years. They could almost give a seminar on living here they’ve studied the area for so long.
Paralysis of Analysis
These folks are having a serious attack of paralysis of analysis. They're been deliberating, weighing their options, for so long they’re stuck in never make a decision land.
We have three words for these folks: Just do it.
There is no perfect right time, and there is no single right place. But, I believe the dream team and I can find a place that's right for you and probably right soon.
Do your Research
Do your research, make your plans, and then take the leap. Don’t spend too long analyzing and planning. This is time you could be enjoying a new and fulfilling life here.
We know of course you need to do your research, consider just what your monthly budget would look like here, check residency requirements, visa options, local health care, medical insurance and a host of other things for which we will help you get the answers.
Take Rational Action
But after you’ve done your due diligence it’s important that all the consideration and planning is followed by rational action.


So, Get Your Get Up & Go to Get You to Lake Chapala
Hop on a plane and spend a week on the ground with one of our Dream Team members. What’s the worst that could happen? You’ll have had a great vacation and return home with stories to tell about your Lake Chapala adventure with a camera loaded with Kodak moments.
Another thing even better might happen, You may be inspired to take a next step.
Before you know it, you’ll be living your dream
Then, before you know it, you’ll be living your dream of a wonderful retirement in one of the most beautiful and affordable places on the planet beginning a new Chapter in the book of your life.
The Dream Team Can Help !
The Dream Team Can Help You can do it. Want more information on any aspect of living, working, or playing here?
I’m as close as your keyboard or telephone.
Drop me an e mail today while it’s on your mind to
And, so your e mail stands out in my In Box which magically seems to totally refill each night do
Please put “Get Up and Go” in the subject line and I promise to give your e mail prompt attention.
All for now. Siempre tu amigo,
Sid Grosvenor
for the Dream Team

Email for more information:

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