Deam Team at Lake Chapala, Mexico Does Well !

November 17, 2010

Hi Club Members, Visitors, and Just Lookers,
I received the below E Mail recently from Ken and Beth from Virginia. We were of course delighted to receive it and look forward to having Ken and Beth back for a longer visit.

I'm publishing their nice e mail (with permission) because it shows our willingness to introduce people to our little slice of paradise who we know are just looking, just checking out the area or if you will "tire kickers".
We're not a bunch of pushy real estate agents trying to part you from your very hard earned dollars. No, we just want to be of service … knowing that if you ever do decide to buy a home here there's a good chance that you will think of us and honor us with helping you to find just the right home for you.
But, let me let Ken and Beth tell you how they were treated in their own words.

"Hi Sid and Judy!

Well, Beth and I are back home in VA.  But, I think we brought back a little piece — actually, judging by the weight of our suitcases, maybe a few Big pieces — of Mexico with us.  And a lot of tremendous memories.

I really appreciate how the two of you were able to work it out for us to tour with Judy.  And, Sid, it was great to get to know you a little as well, and maybe sometime we can expand on that.  I would like to hear more of your interesting story. 

Judy, you were just wonderful.  Beth and I really enjoyed all the neighborhoods along the lakeshore, and all your personal insights.

Judy & Beth - Lake Chapala Society

          Judy Martin and Beth in the Lake Chapala Society Garden

We even got to see a couple of houses on the inside, and that was really tempting! 

Especially the big one with the gorgeous pool and backyard, with its tremendous garden possibilities.  Beth is even now thinking about garden plants and furniture, … But we'll have to get back to you on that!

By the way, we had a wonderful time with Arcelia guiding us around Guadalajara, she was just great.  She even jumped in and helped the dumb gringos negotiate!  It was a great time.  And thank you again, Arcelia.

Beth & Arcelia in Guadalajara

                         Beth and Arcelia (The Tour Lady) in Guadalajara

Anyway, it was all above and beyond, and it was really great fun.  So thanks to you both.  We will certainly be in touch!  We think we see another trip to Mexico and Lakeside in our future!

Very best and warmest regards,

Ken and Beth"

Another Thanks to Ken and Beth from the Dream Team here at ChapalaClub for their nice e mail.

The Dream team promises to do our very best to earn your respect, your trust and hopefully your business if you decide our beautiful area of Mexico is for you.  There's NEVER any charge for our services to you.

If we can help, please e mail me about any aspect of living here at Lake Chapala Ajijic.  Just put "You Can Help" in the subject line to get my attention in the subject line so it jumps out at me among the hundreds of e mails I get.

Siempre tu amigo,

Sid Grosvenor

  • Barbara Work

    I’m writing to publicly thank Barbara Garding for her commitment to showing me the neighborhoods, stores, restaurants, homes, and imparting so much important information about the Chapala area on my recent visit.

    Our vacation was going to include a search for a potential retirement home. Unfortunately, my husband had emergency surgery the day before our flight from Los Angeles, so I had to make the trip alone (he insisted). Barbara arranged for someone to pick me up at the airport and then she basically handheld me for the next 10 days.

    The vacation turned into a househunting venture (not so much fun to sightsee without my hubby). Barbara showed me homes in every neighborhood and price range of interest to me. She never steered or pushed or showed irritation at my many questions. She also drove through neighborhoods just so see if they appealed to me, and introduce me to local culture.

    I did find the perfect home, and said I wanted to remodel the kitchen and baths. Barbara helped me get estimates and waited while I took lots and lots of photos and talked with the contractors.

    Our offer was accepted and we’re closing the first week of January. I expect that to go smoothly as well.

    I have been a real estate broker for 28 years in California, and know a good agent when I meet one. I can’t recommend Barbara highly enough. She was professional, knowledgeable, pleasant to be around, helpful and hope we will be good friends with her and her great husband, Wayne.

    I can’t tell you how excited we are about moving to Chapala (actually Jocotepec). I love my country, but want to maintain my standard of living in retirement, and can’t do it here. Chapala has everything we are looking for and more. My husband will see the area and our new home for the first time at closing… trusting guy, right?

    Thanks again Barbara, and see you soon.

  • Pam Moore

    Oh Siddddd

    This post really got to me. The sunny pictures , Ken & Beth going to Guadalajara , seeing houses w/ Judy…… I’m about to jump out of my skin with excitement for our May or June visit. I just wanted you to know that you ARE torturing some of us over here in America- wishing/dreaming of the days we are living in the Lake Chapala area also.
    Have a wonderful day.

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Pam,

    Well, your torture will soon be over. Please send me an e mail to
    to share more about your upcoming trip so the Dream Team and I can make your visit even more special.

    As you can tell from the article we love showing off the area. We know we’re blessed and it’s
    great fun for us to introduce new comers to our lovely area.

    Thanks very much for your nice comments. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Barbara, WOW, and Double WOW. What a nice comment. Barbara Garding is one of the very best Realtors at
    Lake Chapala. All of her clients just love her. I’m traveling now so please excuse the tardy reply.

    I’ll be sure and pass along your nice comments to Barbara.

    Please accept my thanks for choosing Barbara to be of service. When one of the Dream Team does well, we all celebrate.

    You will not be disappointed in the closing process either and we don;t drop you after closing. We will be a continuing help and resource for you and like you say, we look forward to being long time friends as well.

    All for now, Sid for the Dream Team at

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