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December 14, 2010

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  • Larry Fleming

    Hi Sid,
    Enjoy your newsletter and info. However, the last 2 Chapala club emails have (links) have brought up only the title but no article.

    We are planning to visit the area in April of May with a view to familiarizing ourselves to the area with a thought to moving there. We are not going to be able to purchase a home. We are in our late 60′s.

    Thanks for all the info.
    Larry and Viola Fleming

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Larry and Viola, Welcome to the Chapala Club and thanks for your comments.

    First, let me say I’m working on the technical aspect of some e mail notifications sending just the title. A couple of other club members have already notified me.

    It’s a good idea to bookmark or put the main ChapalaClub link in your “Favorites” portion of you web browser and then if you getg a blank notice ever you can just click on the bookmarked link or your “favorites” link of the Club’s site.

    You mentioned that you wouldn’t be able to buy a home here and that you’re in your 60′s.

    Obviously you’re interest in at least visiting our lovely area and perhaps living here either full or part time or you would not be a Chapala Club Member,

    So, you must think it best to rent. Many people rent for at least a while and this is not a bad idea at all, but most people find that in the long run that it’s best to buy something.

    I think I’ve written the story elsewhere on this site about a friend who only wanted to rent. All went well for a year or two but they decided that they wanted a pool which the house did not have.

    Their lease allowed for renewals at “market rates” when it otherwise terminated, so they got permission from the landlord owner to add a nice pool.

    They enjoyed the pool until the lease was up. Then when they went to renew the lease the owner landlord raised the rent to a much higher amount. The explanation was that , “Well, the house now has a nice pool and the market rate is much higher now.” THEY MOVED!

    The point is that you’re not in control of the rental market. The Market is. When you buy, you’ve made an investment… and yes sometimes the value of the investment (like all investments can go up or down… but over time real estate almost always goes up.

    Even if it goes down you still have some value. When you rent you just have rent receipts and ZERO equity (no build up in value.)

    Some people don’t want the maintenance they think comes with a home they buy. Well, in our area most of the rental units the tenant has the responsibility of all but major repairs which are few.

    Now, some folks rent not because they don’t want to buy, but because they think they can’t afford to buy.

    We now have US mortgage firms that will lend money here to buy a home. Some people have not thought about the possibility of using an equity loan in a home in the USA or Canada to buy here.

    Most newcomers to the area are afraid to buy a home here that needs renovation and that’s understandable.

    But, did you know that there are North Americans here who watch for these homes so they can buy it low, fix it up to North American standards and resell it.

    They typically try and do this once per year earning for their efforts $25,000 or more. With careful planning they don’t have to pay any taxes on the profits here in Mexico or in their home country either. Of course you should consult your tax accountant to be sure.

    My point is that these investors are “in the know” and most new comers are not.

    Now, Larry and Viola, please do not think I want to push you or anyone into doing anything that’s not right for you. I absolutely agree that for some people the best thing to do is to rent.

    You know your situation and you have to live with the consequences of your actions… not me.

    The only reason I added the above comments is to perhaps help someone who wants to buy, but just hasn’t thought of a way to do it yet.

    Thanks again for your comments and for being a member of Chapala Club. Let me know how I can help. Siempre tu amigo, Sid


  • Ted Deyo

    I no longer receive my weekly or biweekly email newsletters from Chapala Club. Love all of them. Will not let me check my profile or resubmit my email and info.
    Please refer to someone to help me.
    Ted Deyo
    445 El Coronado Avenue
    Buchanan Dam, TX 78609
    Tel: 512-793-6571
    Cell: 512-639-3448
    email: or

  • Richard Sims

    My wife and I are planning to move to Lake Chapala area when our house sells and were getting news letters from Chapala Club.
    We have not received any in about 2 weeks and was wondering if something had happened to cut us off.
    Thank you,

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Richard. Thanks for your comments. Glad you’ve been receiving the Chapala Club updates. I’ve been playing hooky for a few weeks and made a trip to Texas where it was a hetic but happy time. I was able to answer a lot of client e mails from there but just did not have time to post new articles. New Grandson to enjoy and old fiends to catch up news with and other good stuff. We loved our trip but were homesick for Lake Chapala.

    I’m back home now at Lake Chapala and will soonhave the articles flowing again. In the meantime I hope you check ouit the ARCHIVES Link astthe top of the homepage. CLick it and a drop down box will reveal hundreds of Articles. Most are not time sensitive so you may find a whole wealth of new to you information there.

    NO, as they used to say in the old days of TV production. ” THE TROUBLE IS NOT WITH YOUR SET”. It was on our end.

    Thanks again for your comments. It’s nice to know my articles are being helpful to you.

    Send me a private e mail when you plan to make your trip and I can give you some helpful inofmration before you leave home.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Ted, Thanks for your comments. The trouble was not on your end. You did not miss anything. I just missed writing new articles. BUt hold onto your hat as I’ve got some great ideas for future articles, audio and videos too.

    I probably should have alerted everyone I wopuld be off line for a while. I had hoped to post an article or so while in Texas but just stayed too busy. I did keep up with the many many e mails I get each day, but was on a the old slow computer of my son. It crashed while I was there and we had to buy a new one even just before we headed back home.

    We had a good trip but were homesick for Lake Chapala. It’s sooooo gooood to be back.

    Thanks again for your comments. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to jog my elbow.

    All for now. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Lawrence Wiliams

    Dear Sid,

    “El Dorado” is my first message from you.

    You might tell whom ever decided that the “Golden Bear’ was Palmer to do better research. That title belongs to one far less gracious, Jack Nicklaus.

    I met both of them at the Bob Hope Open that used to be held in the Palm Springs area.

    Lawrence Williams

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Lawrence, Thanks for the correction. Can you tell I’m not a golfer. I appreciate the comment.

    We d have a couple of nice courses here or at least they look good to me and the local golfers do enjoy both courses. The one in Chula Vista doesn’t allow carts and appears challenging due to the curves and slopes. The ther course is inside the the Vista del Lago edition and forms part of the Chapala Country Club. You can be a golfing only member of the club and you do not need to live in Vista del Lago to join.

    They have a pro shop and putting green and I think a driving range as well at Vista del Lago.

    Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Debbie Reynolds

    Hey Sid: We were there now 3 years ago. :( too long. You toured us around, took us to your house and met your lovely wife, and even gave us a ride to the airport (5 am) when we had to leave. We had our twins with us. We lost touch with one another but we still are planning to move to that area. I am glad I ran into you while surfing around the web at more Chapala information. Retirement looks like 2014 for us. Would love to look you up on our next trip down hopefully next spring.
    Debbie Reynolds

  • Sid Grosvenor

    HI Debbie, What a nice comment. One of th erjoys of my life here at Lake Chapala Ajijic is showing off our beautiful area to our visitors.

    I gave a nice couple from New Hampshire a tour today. They’re impressed with the area (most people are of course) and I thinl they plan to relocate here later this year.

    We have some really good prices here now. But we’ll still be here in 2014, but don’t wait to look us up until then.

    Just let us know when and how we can be of help.

    All for now, Thanks again, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Marilyn McDivitt

    Where is there Bridge on Thursday night as stated in your today’s article?

  • Marilyn McDivitt

    In today’s article, you mentioned Bridge on Thursday night…Where?

  • Sid

    Hi MArilyn,

    For tons of great ionformation on plñaying Bridge in our area visit the below link.

    Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Glen Rushing

    Hi Sid,
    Will be visiting Guadalajara end of this month for the Marichi festival for a week. Would like to meet with other pilots if ya’ll have get togethers?
    I am a CFI from Clearwater, Florida… Sold my homebuilt in June and miss flying very much :)
    Just moved to Mazatlan 1st of July and contemplating another move by end of year. Perhaps Guad/Chapala area? :)

    Glen Rushing

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Glen,

    Please give me a call when you arrive or drop me an e mail. If we can get our schedules together I’ll drive you out to our local airport to check it out. Hopefully we can meet some of the pilots. Many of the pilots there are bi lingual so communication should not be a problem.

    It’s been many years since I owned an airplane and enjoyed flying, but my love of airplanes continues. All for now, Simepre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sherry Hudson

    Hi, Sid- I wonder if you know of any rental properties in your neck of the woods? Chapala Haciendas has larger lots than most which is great for pets, and I need a secure, walled lot but a small house is fine. Am arriving Nov 1st and still having no luck with all the rental agencies. Would be grateful to know if you hear of anything. Thanks.

  • Sid

    HI Sherry, Sorry the rental firms have not been able to find you just what you’re looking for.

    In the past there was small home with a very large yard here that was a rental but it sold.

    There ae a number of rental agencies other than those I’ve listed on my website, I would do an internet search for the other agencies.

    Have you tried Daavid C. at ReMax Ajijic? He has a casita in Chapala near Sorriana that has a fairly large yard, two patios and a mirador with lake views of the LAke and Mountains.

    If this fails to give you results, then once you arrive I would check the bulletin board at the Lake Chapala Society, Super Lake grocery in San Antonio, and the large bulletin board in from of the new WalMart store.

    If still don’t find a suitable place I would put my own ad up on the same bulletin boards telling what you’re looking for.

    ChapalaClub has some local members who live here currently and perhaps some of them might help out.

    SO, Chapala Club members let’s put our thinking caps on and see if we can help Sherry out.

    All for now, Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • Sid

    Sherry, I just though of a lady you may not have contacted about finding you a rental.

    Her name is Sarah Cole and her telephone numbers here when calling from the USA would be 011 52 376 765 5746

    Her cell is 011 52 331 365 – 4819,

  • Ralph Textor

    Dear Sid,
    Muchas Gracias for your web site and e-mails. We plan to retire and move to your area in ten years, and until then your information is vital to our preparations. God bless you.
    Ralph & Lila Textor

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Ralph and Lila, Thanks for your kind words. You remind me of me. I admit I planned, read, made a few trips here, planned and read a lot more… even before the internet was a part of our daily lives.

    My first trip to the area was over 15 years ago and of course I was researching before that.

    I may not be directly involved in day to day real estate in ten years, but I do plan to be here the rest of my life. At some point I may want to pass the day to day care of ChapalaClub off into younger more high tech savvy hands than mine, but I would always want to be involved at least in an oversight role.

    I admire your long term planing. I feel sure it will pay off. It certainly did for me. Sid

  • Audrey Zikmund

    Your comments are great and I have just happened upon your site. WE are selling our house in Brownsville, Tx. and hope to be there by late spring at least, we are very anxious and are really excited about the whole move. We have been working on this for over a year now. There are many things I want to get involved with when we get there………….thanks again….Audrey

  • http://? Georgina Regan

    How do I become a member? Do you have a telephone No. in the States that is then re-routed to you in Mexico? Which is the best airline from Houston to Lake Chapala?

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Georgina, Thanks very much for your comments. joining ChapalaClub is easy. Just go to the upper right hand corner of any of the site’s web pages and find the box there and put your primary e mail address in the box (the one you check most often) and the software on the site will do the rest.

    It will send you an e mail for you to confirm your membership (this protects you just in case someone else had entered your e mail trying to sign you up.). Just follow the simple instructions in the e mail you receive and you’re a member.

    No membership fees. Your email address is safe with us. We don;t sell, trade, or give away your e mail address, We take your privacy seriously. If you ever decide to opt out it’s easy to do. Again the software does it automatically.

    So, look forward to having you as a member. You can always e mail me at for information about living, working and playing in our little slice of paradise.

    One thing that I always remind new members about is the link at the top of all the site’s web pages labeled All Club Posts It’s on the top row of buttons and is the 4th from the left side. Click on the button and a list of hundreds of prior articles on all aspects of living here at Lake Chapala Ajijic will drop down and then just click the ones of interest to you.

    All for now. Let me know when I can help. Siempre tu amigo, Sid

  • france sullivan

    organizing our lives to move to chapala which means selling our houston loft and our house on the bahia of chetumal..
    acquired through a mexican corporation only for the purposes of retiring and absolutely no business..
    we have a good mexican accountant who cares for our annual mex declarations but my houston base accountant cpa tax attorney seems not to understand when i tell her about my discoveries in reading the internet which are we have to declare annualy our mex corporation wether it is only our home… I feel there are new laws that not many gringos are aware . .. those who live on the coast.. I do not know what to do and I feel you are a man of knwoledge and chapala is not too far to coastal people who might want to move to your area and may be you know a cpa in mexico who could help and avise. I am really worried . we lived and worked around the world and always respected the demands of the irs but this times even if the experts do not know … wow… it is scary.. I have spoken with owners of real estate such as in Merida Yucatan who is considered coastal and they say panic not but not panic is not possible for me..
    france sullivan

  • Sid Grosvenor

    Thanks Arlene for your to the point comments. We need to get the truth out about just how safe our area of Mexico really is.

    Sure any crime is too much, but our little slice of paradise is one of the safest areas on the planet all things considered.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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