Feliz Navidad from the Lake Chapala Dream Team to You!

December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad from the Lake Chapala Dream Team to You !

Feliz Navidad from Sid in Words & Music
If you have just over 4 minutes to spare from your busy Holiday Schedule take a look at this video I prepared just for you.

Happy Holidays and a Very Prosperous New Year !
May all your Lake Chapala Ajijic dreams come true !
Siempre tu amigo,


  • Sue Gottbreht

    Back at you Sid!!!

  • howard

    Gracias for your holiday song! I have 3 questions “mas o menos”:
    1- Which subdivisions receive the most reliable hi-speed internet as my business needs it? Best company to use?
    2- Can you receive US pro sports from Direct TV or other company?
    3- Is my Toyota Prius (hybrid) 2005 a practical car that can be serviced there or should I buy another vehicle when I arrive?
    Thank you for your help, and have a safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

  • MSchwalm

    Thanks for the good thoughts Sid. As far as the pantomime goes-don’t quite your day job.

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Howard, Good questions:

    Yes, we get USA sports here via Satellite but the commentary is in Spanish.

    Hybid cars here are extremely rare in our area. You would likely have to go to Guadalajara.
    I would not recommend a Hybrid car here. Perhaps a reader of i=iour posts has a hybrid and will enlighten us more.

    Tel Mex offers the most reliable High Speed Internet and it’s almost available every where. DSL service via your telephone line. They’re down only about 3% of the time.

    Some folks like day traders have dual services in the event one firm is temporarily down.

    Thanks again for the good questions. Tu amigo, Sid

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Thanks for your thoughts, It’s difficult for me to know just where my work ends and the fun begins. I truly love what i do.

    Work should be fun, but serious at the same time I think. Tu amigo, Sid

  • howard

    What tv stations can you receive in English? CNN? CNBC?CBS? NBC? Thank you for helping me and so many other folks on retirement in Chapala

  • http://www.chapalaclub.com Sid Grosvenor

    Hi Howard, Thanks for your questions.

    The best satellite service to get the maximum English channels would be Shaw Direct. website is http://www.shawdirect.ca formerly know as Star Choice.

    The ShawDirect website has all the channels they provide. We have a local installer, “Satelilite Systems of Ajijic” USA telephone is 712 309 O467 (voip).

    So, you should have all the USA TV you want, but I think you’ll find that you’ll want less of it after living here a while with so many things to do. Each year I watch less and less USA TV.

    Tu amigo, Sid

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